Shatta Wale Is The Smartest Entertainer In Ghana- Artist Manager, Nana-Poku ‘Ashes’

Shatta Wale and Nana-Poku ‘Ashes’ (inset)

Shatta Wale is clearly one of the disputable artist in Ghana, and he has conceded that himself. The Dancehall artist has for quite a while been relevant in the entertainment industry for a considerable length of time since his entrance into the showbiz circles.

Other than his great musical talent, that has earned him the title ‘Dancehall King’, Shatta Wale has fairly stepped on the toes of numerous individuals both in the media and the entertainment industry through videos he regularly makes on social media.

A fraction of entertainment pundits believe Shatta Wale is doing all these to remain important in the game of music, and that every one of his actions are contrivances.

Speaking on an Accra based radio broadcast on Wednesday 29th April, 2020, Nana-Poku ‘Ashes’ said paying little heed to what the Dancehall artist is doing, he is of the opinion that Shatta is the smartest entertainer in Ghana.

As per the artist manager, regardless of what Shatta Wale does in his social media videos, when he meets you eye to eye, he is very pleasant and make it seem as though all the shades at you are ploys.

‘Ashes’ additionally stated that, should Shatta meet you today, he will push his modesty on you and will in the long run be at peace with you whether you’re furious with him or not. With this attitude, he sees Shatta Wale as one of the business minded characters in the music business.

‘Ashes’ was prompting Kelvyn Boy (one of Ghana’s best performers) on the best way to deal with his resentment should people troll him on social media.

Kelvyn Boy is on a radio tour to promote his most recent single ‘Momo’. ‘Ashes’ who has been an artist manager for over 10 years, said from his experience, he sees Shatta as an extraordinary performer as well as a shrewd person.

However, he lauded Kelvyn Boy for his extraordinary vocal capacities and the sorts of tunes he produces.

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