She Is The Youngest First Female Pilot In Jordan

Princess Salma Bint Abdullah

Air transportation isn’t so associated with women, subsequently if a lady turns out to be a part of such area, it makes it praiseworthy and wonderful simultaneously. The case of Jordanian Princess is no different as Princess Salma turns has become a part of the aeronautics as a pilot.

As youthful as 19 years, Salma bint Abdullah is currently the principal lady in Jordan to pass her theoretical and practical pilot training with the Jordanian Armed Forces. In actuality, the Princess is the daughter of the leader of Jordan, King Abdullah.

Princess Salma’s sibling, who is also the first lieutenant in the Jordanian Armed Forces, has saluted her sister for this accomplishment.

Truth is, Princess Salma isn’t the only lady to move on from the military institute however her auntie Princess Aisha bint Hussein did that in 1987 at Sandhurst but was quite younger than Salma’s age. Perhaps, the Jordanian Royal family are connected air transportation as you can count a couple of their family members are graduates from this class, such as the late King Hussein, King Abdullah and Prince Hussein.

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