Shoe Fabriek Is Now One Of The Best Shoe Producers…

Very much like any other start-up, Shoe Frabriek stood up to many challenges when the organization started in 2013 at Akuapem Akropong in the Eastern region of Ghana.

It was indeed challenging, so they needed to make a trip to the Eastern part of Africa, presisely Ethiopia, to learn more on shoe making before bouncing back big.

Ethiopia is known to have one of the biggest shoe industrial facilities in Africa, that produces shoes to several countries on the African continent and even beyond.

Subsequently, Shoe Fabriek needed to go find out more about making the best of shoes for the market. Starting off has been an ever-evolving venture for the organization, which had its launch being attended by conspicuous government officials including the first man of Ghana, President Nana Akufo-Addo.

Ghana’s President Nana Akufo-Addo inspecting facilities at Shoe Gabriel during the launch

From that point forward, the speed of progress has been sensational. Shoe Fabriek currently makes the best quality footwear with state of art technology and highly skilled local talent.

Shoe Fabriek has since its commencement, manufactured premium quality shoes and apparel that fits each and everybody regardless of what your identity is. Their shoes are of Class– and that implies they are flexible to wear, enduring and are made of veritable leather.

There is an infusion of a sole type which makes the sole of the shoes durable and comfortable. Additionally, the sole is made in such a way that, it makes the sole solid and comfortable to wear, enduring and are made of certified calfskin (cow leather). Fabriek Shoes are also made for the African landscape.

As a reputable shoe producing organization in Ghana, it has a dream of changing the African shoe-making industry. Hence, Shoe Fabriek focusses on making quality shoes and apparel for everyone (men, women and children).

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Recently, the organization donated a huge number of their shoes to school going children in Ghana, as an indication to support the community, especially to the children in their space of operations in Akropong.

The manufacturing plant, with state-of-the-art technology and full-fledged infrastructure has a capacity of producing 800 pairs of different models a day security boots, school shoes, and easygoing shoes.

Subsequently, they have that capacity to manufacture more shoes not only for the local market, but in Africa and the international business sectors. The company has short production lead times, and the ease of delivery is very high due to its location in Akuapem Akropong.

With Shoe Fabriek, Every Step Counts!!

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