Sierra Leone’s Former President And Co. Prohibited From Leaving The Country

Former President of Sierra Leone Ernest Bai Koroma is going to court to clear his name

Authorities in Sierra Leone have forced a movement prohibition on former President Ernest Bai Koroma and some officials who served during his term over corruption allegations. As per reports, Koroma and others near 100 people wanted to leave the country.

But they won’t be permitted to leave. Authorities of the country have ordered Koroma and his cohorts to pay all stolen money, relinquish their homes, or they will be additionally investigated.

Meanwhile, Mr Koroma’s opposition party All People’s Congress (APC) has denied all the charges. The party is planning to go to court to challenge the movement boycott put on them.

On the other hand, Sierra Leone President Maada Bio says the commission of inquiry, driven by unfamiliar adjudicators, was a significant advancement that would help make corruption unfashionable and hazardous.

President Bio has additionally expressed that, a line must be drawn, and that they can’t be this corrupt as a country. They hope to develop. The commission distinguished 111 people comprising of former heads of parastatals, bankers, and businessmen as “people of premium”.

All things considered, instruction have been signed by the attorney general and minister of justice instructing the country’s chief immigration officer and inspector general of police not allow the corrupt officials to leave Sierra Leone by air, land or ocean until they have been cleared.

Ernest Bai Koroma was a Sierra Leonean politician who served as the fourth President of Sierra Leone from 17 September 2007 to 4 April 2018.

He was Born and raised in Makeni in northern Sierra Leone. Koroma spent more than 24 years working in the private insurance industry before entering politics in 2002.

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