Silverbird Cinemas In Ghana Has Lost $2Million To Covid-19

It is no news any longer that Coronavirus has been very hard on all businesses all throughout the world, including the entertainment industry.

Hollywood, Bollywood, the music industries and so on, have all been profoundly affected one way or the other. That said, Ghana’s media outlet – particularly the Film business has additionally been ‘destroyed’.

Cinemas in Ghana were shut in the early days of the pandemic to date. Stakeholders were disturbed Cinemas were not opened after comparative outfits were opened up, even when the President of the country Nana Akufo-Addo moseyed down all limitations.


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Filmmakers, actors, directors and players of the Ghana entertainment world bitterly complained.

In fact, in August 2020, the National Film Authority’s Action Group appealed to the Tourism Ministry to open them, and as indicated, they have been in various meetings with the ministry but still, cinema doors remain closed.

One of the affected places during the closure was Silverbird Cinemas Ghana. The outfit needed to shut for around 15 months, while all workers of around 300 were laid off. So you can envision how rugged and awkward it was for the Cinema house.

According to the Silverbird Cinema Business Manager, Nana Yaw, they lost millions because of the situation. They are yearly drifting in the edges of $2Million for only a year. Indeed, this is the amount they lost.

Following a while of suffering, film industry players would now be able to hurl a murmur of relief, as the Government of Ghana has at last, hinted about opening all cinemas in the country to help re-empower the entertainment world.

Meanwhile, operational rules for theaters and film corridors have effectively been set up by authorities to ensure they go by all the safety protocols.

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