Since 1958, Wales Have Never Been To The World Cup. Now, They Are In And Expectations Are High

For the first time in 64 years, Wales have qualified for the FIFA World Cup™.

On their first appearance in the finals, in 1958, the Dragons of Wales made it all the way to the quarter-finals before barely losing to possible champions Brazil. The only goalscorer that day in Gothenburg was the amazing Pelé, who was only 17 years of age.

After this exciting experience with the World Cup, it’s been over sixty-years since they set foot at any World Cup. Presently, Wales are by and by ready to take on the world’s best 31 other representatives to see whether they can be on top in Qatar.

Wales crushed Ukraine in the qualifying play-off to get their spot at Qatar 2022, and the entire nation was in cheerful mind-set.

The Dragons of Wales were fortunate to have carried the day when they met Ukraine, despite the fact that, Ukraine played splendidly well. The game went Wales’ way eventually. The people of Wales’ emotions was now pride. They are currently pleased to be a part of this year’s competition in Qatar.

Wales fans are very passionate sports fans, consequently are planning to troop to Qatar and partake in the full insight – including all that Qatar brings to the table. Over the most recent six years, the country has qualified for two European Championships and now a World Cup.

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This truly implies such a great amount to them to have qualified, as they’ve not been to this exciting tournament since 1958. There’s even a slight degree of assumption for how the team will do, but optimism is at play.

With such countless traditions in Qatar that are delightful as well as fascinating, fans from all over the world will converge in the Middle East nation and learn more about host country…

Interestingly, Wales will play all their matches at Ahmad Bin Ali stadium in Qatar, the latter will become a shrine for Wales fans, where happy memories will be made. made.

Meanwhile, Wales is optimistic they are capable of getting through the group stages – to reach the knockout rounds.


Qatar is about half the size of Wales and nowhere is far from the sea. It’s a very diverse place and it is expected that fans who will come here for the World Cup will marvel at what they see. There are amazing beaches and so many incredible dining options. The country has cuisine from everywhere with good meals available.

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