Singer Ciara And Husband Have Donated To Help Battle Coronavirus

Ciara and husband Russel Wilson

An ever increasing number of people and organizations are monetarily supporting in the battle against Coronovirus infection. Google, Facebook, Sadio Mane (Liverpool striker) and a few others have all demonstrated huge help with financial donations and other related gifts.

American artist Ciara and her hubby Russel Wilson have additionally added up to the number of individuals supporting with one (1) million meals to Seattle Food Life Line. As a matter of fact, Russel Wilson plays as quarterback of the Seattle Seahawks. The couple ventured up in to help their locale in the wake of the coronavirus plague.

The 34-year-old vocalist and hubby who have been married for as far back as four years, urged others to do likewise and enable their local food to bank in any capacity they can.

The couple separately posted on their Instagram pages subtitling:

‘The world needs us ALL. These are unprecedented times. We are supporting our community in Seattle by donating 1 million meals with Seattle @FoodLifeLine,’

‘Rally with us and support your local food bank @FeedingAmerica We can all make a difference together. Let’s all keep the Faith during this difficult time,’

In the video they shared, both Wilson and Ciara were clad in dark shirts, with Wilson wearing silver chains and Ciara with a gold chain with a cross around her neck.

Russel Wilson added to the subtitle with a video by saying:

‘Obviously this worldwide pandemic, coronavirus, is changing the world, second by second, minute by minute.’
People are ‘losing their loved ones, elderly and the young, and everyone in between,’
while others have lost their jobs.

Nonetheless, Ciara requested that her fans keep the faith and practice social distancing,’ which Wilson additionally included that:

it is ‘super important.’ The couple included that they were ‘praying for everyone out there,’ with a wave to their adherents in the video.

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