Singer Harry Styles Hit With A Bottle. Full Details Here

Harry Styles

Harry Styles recently performed in Chicago as part of his ‘Love On Tour’ project.

The singer’s ‘Love On Tour‘ has had a few emotional moments starting from the artist’s interesting interactions with the crowd to a new episode when a chicken strip was tossed at him in front of an audience.

Adding on to the list, the singer’s new Chicago show saw a bottle being tossed at him during his crowd interaction. Interestingly, the video is currently circulating on the web.

The singer was in his performance on Friday October 14 at the Unified Center when a bottle was haphazardly tossed at Styles’ direction.

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Videos from the show that is trending online, saw the singer getting hit on his groin as the bottle hits him on the stage. While one would have expected Harry to blow his top over the occurrence, the artist gently responded to something very similar and, surprisingly, dismissed it.

During the episode, Harry was heard in the video saying,

Well, that’s unfortunate” as he looks down at where the bottle hit him. Styles then shakes his legs and pumps himself up as he says, “OK, shake it off” while the crowd cheers him on.

Without letting the bottle episode disrupt his performance, the singer then continued his interaction with the crowd, asking as to whether they’re from Chicago or residents from Chicago.

Aside from his ‘Love On Tour show, Harry has additionally been occupied with his film projects and after the release of Don’t Worry Darling, the actor is now gearing up for his second release, ‘My Policeman’ alongside Emma Corrin and David Dawson. The film releases on Prime Video on November 4.

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