Singer Monica Commended For Showing Love To A Fan


R&B whiz Monica is being commended for helping an audience member at the Riverfront Live event in Michigan on Saturday July 29 after a video of the squabble went viral on social media over the weekend.

In the video, the “Boy Is Mine” singer is seen jumping off stage in the wake of seeing somebody supposedly attack a female fan in the crowd at her Detroit show.

In an interview with CNN, Monica stated that her “instincts kicked in” and led her to confront the situation.

“Simply put, I didn’t want to see her hurt or harmed, and her not make it back home after coming just to be a concertgoer for myself and Ashanti (who also played at the festival),” she said.

Monica added that she doesn’t feel like she’s a “superhero” for what she did, on the grounds that she did what she thinks somebody would do if they saw that incident happen to her auntie or mom.

According the artist, she could see the lady in need was her elder. She stated,

“The woman in need was my elder,” and there was a level of fear there for me just watching what appeared to be a situation that could’ve been escalated even further.”

The singer stated that all she wanted to do was “to de-escalate it.”

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The number of artists who have been hit on the stage by audience members throwing objects at them has been growing in recent years, with some of them being injured as a result.

Monica’s contribution in the fan squabble at her show on Saturday, in addition to various other late occurrences including artists like, Miranda Lambert, show how entertainers are currently getting involved when they see conduct that they don’t endorse.

“These concerts have become what almost feels like a dangerous space and place. I just really want that to change.”, Monica said.

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