Singer S3fa Speaks About Her Latest Tune And Semi-Nudity On Social Media


S3fa is seen by numerous people as an unobtrusive, conscious and dedicated performer who has endeavored to be among the best ten female acts in Ghana. Signed under the Black Avenue Entertainment Label, she has released several hit tunes including: – Shuga, Odo, Wanti Wanti, Playa, Pepper, Makoma, Away and a few other hit tunes.

S3fa has also featured top artists on the vast majority of her singles, and has ascertained why she is one of Ghana’s top picks. Be that as it may, in as much as some construe showbiz goes with such countless things including a touch of controversy and nudity, S3fa has an alternate assessment.

She believes hard work rather accomplishes the magic. In a recent radio interview, S3fa said making such countless controversies around you as a performer, to some degree harms your brand, particularly in a space where the women are very few in the Ghanaian music space.


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As indicated by her, she is exceptionally fussy when posting even an image on social media, especially looking at where she is coming from. Coming from a ‘certain’ family where discipline is their trademark, she is very choosy about what she posts online.

Nonetheless, some people think she is also bit by bit joining the fleeting trend of women who expose themselves on social media for publicity and LIKES. Responding to this, S3fa says she now and again somewhat does that to fulfill her fans.

S3fa is one of the best female acts in Ghana with loads of talent. In the interim, she has teamed up with Mr. Drew to perform a duet in her latest single ‘E Choke’

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