Sion: The Affordable Car That Can Charge Using The Sun

The Munich-based vehicle makers, Sono Motors has unveiled a sun powered electric vehicle that charges itself. Sion, as it is called, has proactively been pre-ordered by heaps of people around the world.

The sun powered modules are impeccably adjusted to the state of the vehicle by means of a fresh out of the box new assembling , and it has no key, no emission except for with unadulterated freedom. Sion EV depends on sun based power, battery power and moss.

The EV Sion vehicle can charge itself using the sun, and can generate an income by means of a vehicle sharing scheme. It can also add up to 150 extra miles of reach each week by bridling the force of the sun. Aside from this, it is entirely affordable to purchase.

The makers of the sun powered electric vehicle ‘Sion’, planned making this vehicle a year ago, to bring technology it developed for its solar electric car to the masses. And it started with an autonomous shuttle startup EasyMile.

The EV, which is Sun oriented Fueled is truly affordable, and is anticipated to sell surprisingly high. Plus, it has a basic EV that charges itself by the sun. You just have to leave this electric vehicle in the sun and it uses sun based to give itself an additional charge.

Solar cars only use the sun as an energy supplier and thus drive completely emission-free. This could save 2500 litres of diesel per year and vehicle. The car is equipped with photovoltaic panels and should thus be able to get by for weeks without a charging station.

From a distance, the Sion looks like an ordinary black car. But when you walk closer to the new electric car from the Germany-based startup Sono Motors, you might notice solar cells covering the doors, hood, roof, and the rest of the surface—456 solar half-cells, to be exact.

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Sono Sion solar EV will be built in Finland, not Sweden, in change of manufacturing partners. Meanwhile, some components of the Sion are still to be optimised. The Munich-based Sono Motors has a vision to combat this the idea of EV cars are expensive.

The Sion electric car is to be brought onto the market in 2023 and, with the help of innovative solar panels, it will guarantee a degree of autonomy from charging stations.

Sion, which Sono Motors believes will be the world’s first affordable solar electric vehicle (SEV) was showcased at Times Square in New York, kicking off a three-week cross-country tour including stops..

As at now, Sono Engines has started their ‘Celebrate the Change‘ tour in the US, stopping in five cities to give thought leaders, fans, media, and investors up close and personal insights into the Sion and our Sono Solar solutions.

In fact, legendary actress Whoopi Goldberg has had the opportunity to test drive it, and according to her, it is worth the effort and can hardly hang tight for the day the Sion raises a ruckus around town.

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