It Was A Beautiful Journey Cut Short, But SisQo Never Gave Up!

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Back in the 1990s, there was this astounding American music group Dru Hill, whose repertoire included soul, hip hop and gospel music. The group had Sisqó, Nokio the N-Tity, Woody Rock, Larry “Jazz” Anthony, Rufus Waller and Antwuan “Tao” Simpson in there.

These folks were very famous at the time, winning honors including Billboard Music Award for Top R&B Song, Billboard Music Award for Top R&B Artist, and some more. Their stage shows were so unique that, they pulled in more crowd all over the world.

Some of their tunes included ‘We’re Not Making Love No More’, ‘Soul Food’, ‘Never Make A Promise’ and some more. Along the line,
one of the members Antwuan “Tao” Simpson, en route dropped from the group. Simpson left to concentrate on his career as an independent artists. Dru Hill at that point, included two new members (smoke and dark) to fill the opening.

In 2019, Simpson left to work on a solo project because he did not like the direction Dru Hill was going.

Prior to Simpson’s disappearance, James “Woody” Green, who has been a member from Dru Hill since he was 15, startlingly quit for a subsequent time — the first was in June 1999. To the stun of his bandmates, Woody announced he had been “called by God on a task,” adequately executing the group.

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That in any case, Singer Nokio also affirmed that he is not, at this point a part of the R&B group, Dru Hill. This was two days after the group’s “Unsung” episode was shown on TV.

He also ventured away from Dru Hill after over 25 years with them. Nokio, one of the group’s founding members, proposed that contact among him and Dru Hill’s long-lasting director Kevin Peck was a factor in his takeoff.

Nokio’s takeoff, leaves Sisqo as the only residual founding member – and comes precisely one year after fellow group member Jazz’s departure to seek after solo projects.

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