So Where Is TV Host WolfHard Anim (Wolf) Hiding?

Wolfhard Anim

Some years back, one of the best and noticeable entertainment TV stations in Ghana, 4StyeTV had a host who was often on the station with a fantastic voice in addition to a good command over the Queen’s language (English).

Wolfhard Anim famously called Wolf had the enthusiasm for what he was doing, consequently consistently radiates his best all the time. The former acclaimed radio and TV moderator additionally worked with Vibe FM, an outstanding and most tuned in to radio broadcast at the time.

The former Vibe FM Presenter also hosted ‘That Saturday Night Show’ on an online radio broadcast Rock 102.3 FM, which credits itself as ‘The Voice of Truth’ and various other stations.

He had an extraordinary, intelligible and delightful voice that pulled in voice over contracts to him which included the corporate world. As a host on 4StyeTV, the vocal moderator interviewed practically all the big names in the industry — from music, films, comedy and numerous other related entertainment events. His interview skills was just phenomenal, as he had a unique way of making you sit behind your TV set for more minutes.

His His creativity, style, charm, charisma and the ability to hold viewers and audiences was his characteristic. In fact, he offered a ton to the entertainment industry in Ghana, but never imitated anybody regarding presentation style but rather ‘flowed’ naturally.

Wolf, who has a German lineage, saw his redirection onto TV as a positive growth and had no second thoughts at all. Since the latter part of 2006, Wolf along with once glamorous lady, Nana Akua, hosted 4Syte TV and their clairvoyance on set was staggering.

Wolf always advised the youth to be themselves, and pursue their dreams for nothing is impossible under the sun. The anchor and producer is currently based in the United States of America.

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