Soccer Legend Pelé Undergoes Surgery But Looks Fine Now

Brazilian soccer legend Pelé went through a medical surgery on Saturday September 4 to remove a tumor from his right colon, but is recovering.

The football hotshot announced this on Instagram on Monday September 6, in the wake of denying reports that he had blacked out and said he would go through routine tests.

According to Pelé’s primary care physicians, a dubious lesion was found during one of the cardiovascular and research center tests, which Pelé said he couldn’t go through earlier as a result of the pandemic.

Pelé is presently in the ICU at Albert Einstein Hospital in Sao Paulo, and will be moved to a regular room on Tuesday September 7.

The 80-year-old soccer legend said he was feeling well, repeating his opinions from last week that he was in good health.

Pelé, is regarded as one of the best soccer players ever as the solitary player in men’s soccer history to win three World Cups. He won with the Brazilian soccer team in 1958, 1962 and 1970, and is still Brazil’s top scorer with 77 goals.

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The Football Federation (FIFA) additionally named him “Player of the Century” back in 2000, alongside Argentine soccer star Diego Maradona. In 2012, Pelé had a bombed hip substitution medical procedure, which left him using walkers and wheelchairs to move around.

In 2020, reports started to twirl that Pelé was encountering medical issues after his son revealed that his dad was pretty fragile in terms of his mobility… and that makes him suffer a kind of depression.

However, the soccer icon denied he was depressed, saying,

“after everything I’ve done in sports, I’m fine. Thank goodness I’m recovering.”

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