Social Media Influencer, Hajia 4Reall Lands A Good Deal

Hajia 4Reall

It’s a big bang! for Hajia 4Reall as she has landed on an investment deal at Angel Investor, Quick Angels. Quick Angels Limited, which is the first and formal Angel Investor organization in Ghana has signed Mona prominently referred to in showbiz as Hajia 4Reall.

The signing is a strategic partnership between Mona’s company Mona 4Reall Limited, and the Angel Investor Company.

The social media influencer, business visionary, actress and fashionista was signed on to this investment deal on Monday fifteenth, May, 2020.

With this deal, Hajia 4Reall is relied upon to fabricate a new empire around her image and personality, since her brand is at present doing so well.

The partnership is relied upon to expand on the Mona and 4Reall brand, and to introduce products and labels sooner rather than later. According to the administration of Quick Angels Limited, so much idea and exploration have gone into this partnership and it is expected to change the fashion and lifestyle industry.

Mona 4Reall’s Music Progression Has Been A Beautiful Journey

This joint partnership means a lot to Hajia 4Reall as she demonstrated thankfulness to the organization for resting trust in her brand built over the years. As per Hajia, she had imagined about this for quite a while, and has witnessed it today, kind courtesy Quick Angels.

@Hajia 4Reall as she is prominently called, will be the first brand personality to have landed on this deal, for Quick Angels to formally manage her brand ‘Mona and The Hajia 4Reall Brand’.

She will be the CEO of this new joint business “Mona 4Reall Limited” and is expected to commercialize all promotional deals for the mutual growth of the joint venture.

About Quick Angels Limited:

Quick Angels Limited is an Angel Investor company that seeks to help new companies, business visionaries, and organizations that need value subsidizing for growth.

The company propelled their operations in May 2019 and have so far signed more than 20 institutions running from simply startup firms to existing organizations and imaginative thoughts.

If you’re certain that your business has possibilities, and is financially reasonable, scaled up, and creative, then Quick Angels Limited is the right place to be.

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