Social Media Spent The Whole Day Talking A Mile A Minute At Ricky Martin’s Leg Tattoo

Ricky Martin

Multiple Grammy award winner Ricky Martin was the topic of discussion on social media on Friday April 2, when he posted his new and strange leg tattoo on Instagram.

In addition to the photograph was the caption:

“Tinta con movimiento.”

Ricky kept in touch with his almost 15 million followers, with most of them commending and appreciating his tattoos.

The ink which was done by a female tattoo artist named Roxx, with a large portion of the fans going ‘wild about’ the tattoo which looks thick and bold on his leg.

Ricky’s new tattoo comes as the artist keeps on working on his Ricky Martin Foundation. The philanthropic’s fundamental focus is reproving illegal exploitation and teaching others about its reality through research and local area initiatives.


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Meanwhile, the 49-year-old singer and songwriter was nominated several times at the 2021 Latin AMAs.

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