Société Générale Ghana Tops All Other Banks According To Research

Société Générale Ghana is positioned as the best bank in Ghana in a global ranking of 1000 of the world’s cited banks in the debut issue of The Statement, a new banking magazine propelled by the London-based Lafferty Group. Société Générale Ghana is additionally positioned as one of the top 100 banks on the planet.

All things considered, the banks in Ghana are on average evaluated higher than those of Nigeria the US and the UK, but lower than South African banks.

The research is generated from the LAFFERTY 1000 worldwide financial database, which scores the one thousand banks for quality across 21 measurements and rates them from 1-star for the most vulnerable to 5-stars generally advantageous. The research findings also include:

  1. Just five of the 1000 banks get 5-star ratings and all are situated in developing markets
  2. With three exemptions, the essentially all inclusive financial monsters of Europe, North America, Japan and China that are assigned as “all inclusive huge” by the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) are rated from poor to average at best.
  3. Italy’s UniCredit comes bottom of the group, with a 1-star rating.

These findings negate the view, since a long time ago held in the finance industry that the UK and the US are the main countries for industry accomplishment.

The statement is a new Lafferty Group advanced financial magazine. It is being set up at the tallness of the economic, financial and human emergencies brought about by the worldwide coronavirus pandemic so as to support dynamic banks and investors locate another path ahead for the business.

The magazine takes as its beginning stage the present status of 1000 of the world’s biggest cited banks and rates every one of them for their quality and maintainability utilizing 21 metrics – from financial execution to how they treat a scope of partners including staff, clients, the unbanked, controllers, nature – and not least investors.

The bank quality rating system on which the database is moored utilizes a heuristic philosophy to examine the signs that banks are conveying in their yearly reports purposefully or something else, and joins them to score the general bank.

It utilizes the yearly report due to its one of a kind status as the essential vehicle for the board of a bank to convey and record to investors and other partners.

Banks from developing markets are currently establishing the tone in world banking. They are increasingly engaged and free by the errors that have harmed Western banks. These mix-ups incorporate a misinformed relationship with general banking and the damaging belief system of investor esteem.

That said, developing business sector banks are turning out to be critical and conspicuous players in banking, especially in regions, for example, monetary incorporation, decent variety and atmosphere hazard strategy.

This has opened up new entryways and modified the course of exploration and information examination.

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