South Africa To Join Them – Planning A New Lockdown Restrictions

Coronavirus continues to be with us, and just when everyone thought it had been step by step going down, the virus has raised its head once more at the world, and still having a bite of many countries.

Most Europeans countries have already began their second lockdown in addition to some African countries like Republic of South Africa, who are facing challenges on how to manage the spread.

However, the South African government is considering reimposing many restrictions geared towards containing the coronavirus pandemic as fears mount a couple of second wave of infections.

The decision of reintroducing the restrictions is probably going to get on the table once the National Coronavirus Command Council meet to decide.

South Africa introduced one in all the world’s most rigorous lockdowns on March 27, and gradually eased it to kickstart the economy again because the variety of latest virus cases declined.

Particularly, within the Eastern Cape province, the region is showing an ominous rise in infections, and officials have voiced concern that the general public is failing to exercise decent caution.

The President Cyril Ramaphosa has warned the people who fail to wear the masks at social gatherings to abstain from that. He more expressed that, they are only putting themselves and others at risk if they don’t, observe the Protocols.

According to the President, they are also putting the economic recovery in jeopardy if the people don’t observe the measures put in place.

Of the 737,278 people diagnosed with the disease in the country so far, more than 90% have recovered, while 19,089 have died, according to health department data.

The National Coronavirus Command Council will however meet, and its recommendations will be presented to the cabinet on Friday 13 November.

The pandemic’s resurgence is posing a challenge for the country’s Independent Electoral Commission, which is holding by-elections in ninety five municipal wards wherever councilors have died or resigned.

All voting has for now, been suspended for the past seven months. According to officials, rigorous health protocols are going to be in place in situ and features of voters will be unfold out.


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