Spain’s Farm Worker Migration Program Is Now In Africa

As part of efforts to further expand and extend the migrant worker program, authorities in Spain have announced plans to take approximately 100 farmers from Senegal to work in Spain beginning in April 2023. This is the first time that Spain is expanding its farm worker migration program to Africa.

According to reports, the migrant workers are expected to work in Spain for a short time before going back home.

During the harvest season, Spanish officials anticipate bringing approximately 100 migrant workers from Senegal.

As per another source, the government hopes that the program will be as successful as Morocco’s circular migration program, which brings nearly 15,000 seasonal workers to Spain each year to address agricultural labor shortages.

However, this is the first time Spain has implemented its plan in a country in sub-Saharan Africa.

According to the Asylum Information Database information provided by Spain’s Ministry of Interior, nationals of Senegal make up the top five origin countries in terms of the number of international protection applications filed in Spain.

Per the same source, citizens of Senegal submitted 3,198 asylum applications in 2021.

The efforts made by Spanish authorities to make it easier for foreign workers to enter the country have recently increased.

They started a pilot project with Honduras the previous year to bring 250 migrant workers from that country to the country. This year, 415 Honduran workers and 102 Ecuadorian workers went to Spain to pick berries and stayed there for five months.

In the past, the Spanish government made changes to its immigration rules to make it easier for foreign workers to work there.

Foreigners who do not possess legal documentation to reside in Spain are also subject to the amendments.

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The update will make it easier for workers from other countries who currently live in Spain to get a work permit. A statement provided by Corporate Immigration Partners says, “These measures will also apply to foreign nationals who currently do not hold the necessary legal documents to live in Spain.”

In addition, in order to include migrant workers in the country’s labor market, the Spanish government made new additions to the immigration law.

Also, if they participate in vocational training, undocumented migrants who have been in Spain for at least two years will now be eligible for a temporary residence permit.

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