Statistics Of The Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia’s Tourism Sector

Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz al-Saud has quickly emerged as the most dynamic royal in the Arab world’s wealthiest nation, setting up a likely contention for the throne.

Regardless of being labeled as a totalitarian head, since he took over office in 2017, the 35 year old, is doing his bit to oversee the administration of the economy including its tourism sector. Since the travel industry is one of the income generating streams for the country, the Saudis have additionally vigorously put resources into this sector.

Saudi Arabia is the second biggest tourist destination in the Middle East with more 18 million people visiting the country each year. As per the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC), in 2018, the tourism industry in Saudi Arabia added 9% to the Kingdom of Saudi’s economy which is worth $65.2 billion.

As of 2019, Saudi Arabia opened its borders to global vacationers from many other countries, with expectations of drawing in a significant inundation of guests to the Kingdom, in this manner clearing a path for more revenue into the economy.

Notwithstanding, one thing that guests should observe is that, venturing out to Saudi as a holidayer for leisure isn’t a spending destination, since accommodation is very expensive. Other than this, being aware of the country’s local rules and customs is enough for you to make some great memories in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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All potential guests should put it at the back of their brains that, they will have the best of visit particularly in areas like the Hijaz and Sarawat Mountains, Red Sea plunging and various antiquated remnants.

Albeit most the travel industry in Saudi Arabia still generally includes strict journeys, there are huge amounts of spots to visit that are intriguing and appealing. Because of the huge number of people who visit the Kingdom every year, the country’s tourism sector has swiftly grown in the leisure tourism sector.

The tourism industry Revenues in Saudi Arabia found the middle value of 8721.69 USD Million from 2003 until 2018, arriving at an unsurpassed high of 16975 USD Million out of 2018 and a record low of 3418 USD Million of every 2003.

Two years back, the Saudi tourism made $16,975,000,000.00 income, a 13.02% expansion from 2017. In 2017, it was $15,020,000,000.00, a 11.77% expansion from 2016. And afterward, in 2016, it was $13,438,000,000.00, which is a 20.16% expansion from 2015. A 20.73% expansion from 2014 was additionally recorded for $11,183,000,000.00.

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