Stonebwoy’s ‘Therapy’ Is Indeed An Awesome Tune!


I had a splitting headache after a news reportage that night. I was unable to rest, and was encountering sleep deprivation due to serious migraine. Simultaneously, I was also feeling dizzy. I wasn’t feeling very good at that moment, truth be told.

My radio was on while going through every one of these pains. However, I was unable to fully focus on the songs playing on the radio. I was actually napping off while one ear was paying attention to the radio.

Among the list of songs playing, a beautiful and ear-pleasing one was next on the playlist, but since I was unwell, I actually couldn’t figure out what kind of tune and who the vocalist was. Be that as it may, I could feel some ‘gorgeous vibrators’ pulsating with a steady rhythm in me.

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Unknowingly, that song was gradually remediating my health condition following my profound pains. I at last slept off and after some hours of awakening, I felt a bit fine, despite the fact that, I wasn’t 100 percent OK.

I then got to know ‘Therapy’ was the title of the tune playing and Stonebwoy is the vocalist. The tune for sure, lived up to its name and therapeuticize me with a recuperating power due to its nature of quality. Stonebwoy released this beautiful song ‘Therapy’ soon after being signed onto Def Jam Africa label in May 2022.

Def Jam Africa will represent his music across Africa, whilst Def Jam Recordings will become his label home in the U.S. with 0207 Def Jam supporting the record in the U.K.

‘Therapy’ is a timeless song that cannot be affected by changes in society or fashion. Most often, it’s a reliance on sounds — but they include the drumbeat, vocals, harmonies and so on.

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