‘Sugarcane’: An Excellent Composition By Camidoh. It’s The People’s Favourite


Camidoh always legitimizes why he is one of the best performers with a touch of class. As one of only a handful of exceptional Ghanaian artists with a fantastic vocal ‘powers’, Camidoh has never ceased to fulfill music lovers, especially his fan base.

Camidoh always invests in some time to produce incredible tunes that excites each and every individual who follows him. Currently, Camidoh has released ‘Sugarcane’, a tune that has pulled in more music devotees, with many people sticking to the tune.

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‘Sugarcane’, whic is a nice love song, has gotten people in a frantic mood, with music pundits also discussing it. ‘Sugarcane’ has an amazing instrumentation, verses and a great sound quality that is not difficult to chime in. Consequently, the grip gained by this tune is inconceivable.

The tune has been an instant hit since its release few weeks ago. It has gone past assumptions, with a great many people across the continent making videos on Instagram, challenging themselves who can sing and dance to ‘Sugarcane’ the best. Camidoh has been one of the fastest rising vocalists, who has a lot of single hits to his credit.

Of course, he takes time to release tunes, but when he does, it legitimizes why he always delays in doing as such. Camidoh has recently been nominated in several categories, in the forthcoming 3Music Awards 2022. He has been nominated alongside other fine artists. His expectations is to win to add to his number of honors.

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