SUNREF In Partnership With Calbank Is Launching Soon

The most savvy approach to save money is to utilize energy all the more productively and accomplish sustainability.

To back and uphold businesses and individuals to use efficient power energy and innovation, SUNREF in association with CalBank has designed a special purpose financing programme to enable Ghana seize the opportunities of going green.

This program is important for an overall drive created by AFD to mobilise public and private banks to fund private area ventures including green technology and sustainable energy.

Also, the European Union (EU) is supporting the program by financing the specialized support segment just as giving a grant award to eligible projects.

The aim of SUNREF Ghana is to facilitate access to affordable sustainable energy to allow companies and households to acquire higher quality equipment, make cost savings and become more competitive by managing energy more efficiently, while respecting the environment.

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SUNREF Ghana will also support businesses offering goods and services related to energy and environmental management (including waste and water management, pollution reduction).

In partnership with CalBank, SUNREF is offering businesses, organisations and households the opportunity to access financing for sustainable energy projects, and assistance in structuring green investments.

The SUNREF Ghana Program gives:

  1. A special loan product with very competitive terms
  2. A grant portion of up to 10%
  3. Free technical assistance for project implementation

The SUNREF Ghana Financing Programme is scheduled for launch in a few weeks through its partner banks.

With SUNREF Ghana and CalBank, you now have a wonderful opportunity to be part of an ecological transition, regardless of whether you are an enormous corporate, a SME or even a family hoping to further develop your energy effectiveness.

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