Tagoe Sisters Have Always Been An Inspirational Twindle To People

Tagoe Sisters

For quite a long while at this point, Tagoe Sister have won the hearts of numerous music aficionados, paying little mind to people who love gospel music or not.

The twin sisters has since 1983 been extremely relevant and dynamic, with their impossible music performance.

The musical duo (Lydia Dedei Yawson Nee Tagoe and Elizabeth Korkoi Tagoe) have up until now, molded themselves in the music Industry so well that, they perform with exclusive requirements.

Their vocal ability, experience, confidence, mystique, and faith in God has moved them up until now. Tagoe sisters is an easily recognized name that rings a bell. Immediately their songs are played on air, everyone get along with them.

They have really established themselves in the music business for that long, and keeps on doing as such. The 55 years-olds have been sensational since 1983.


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Their melodies are extremely convective, inspiring and heals the soul – which has for sure, recuperated many “devastating” spirits all across the world.

Because of their enormous commitment in the gospel music fraternity, they were honoured at the 2021 3Music Women’s Brunch Awards held not many months ago.

Truth be told, they have severally been honored at various events for their steady brand of music.

Tagoe Sisters is a major brand who have unfathomable collections to their credit including: Anka Matete, Great Collection Vol.1, Great Collection Vol. 2, Adonai, Great Collection, and more.

Notwithstanding, some famous tunes on their albums which made them extremely well known in Ghana has been: ‘Yedi Nkunim’, ‘Kamafo Jesus’, ‘Anka Matete’, and ‘Osombo’.

Meanwhile, the twins birthday is not far off (27 July).

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