“Talia’s Journey”: The Suspense, Drama And More

“Talia’s Journey” is a 1hr 17min Movie with bunches of tension and drama. The film is about Talia, a 19-year-old Belgian young lady, with Senegalese roots, visiting her country of origin for the first time.

Talia starts off in Dakar, in the rich estate of her cousin’s family, wanting to meet her grandma. Yet, her grandma is mysteriously gone (no where to be found) and the estate rapidly turns into a “golden jail” until she meets Malika, a strange bird street seller.

The story then continues……

This is a must-watch film directed by Christophe Rolin, Penda Diouf, and Marc Recchia. The film was elegantly written by mind blowing individuals who have been in the background for so long, hence putting together this beautiful film was no special case.

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Souleymane Kebe, Christophe Rolin, Monique Marnette, Marc Recchia, Muna Traub, and Khady Sissoko ensured the content was all around produced for global market.

Film Casts:
Nadège Bibo-Tansia, Aminata Sarr, Oumy Sow….

“Talia’s Journey”- – a belgian film which is yet to be released has an undisclosed spending budget, but is said to be a high one.

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