Tara Macri – A Wonderful Performer And Composer. Preparing To Release A New One


Perhaps, you have followed two or three of your preferred artists around the globe, but if you haven’t tuned in to Tara Macri, you better do, on the grounds that the likelihood that you may adjust your perspective to be a genuine aficionado of Tara Macri is 99%. Watching Tara perform is basically zapping as the energetic and adaptable vocalist always demonstrates why she is brilliant at what she does- – singing!.

Since her entrance into the music scene, the Los Angeles-based artist and lyricist, who was also born into a musical family, has released several ear-satisfying tunes which incorporates – ‘Meet Me On Mars’, ‘This Crush’, Strawberry Moon’ ‘Crazy With You’, ‘Home’ plus the last released one ‘Baby You Got Me’ and other hit tracks that got people standing on their feet. Other than her extraordinary tracks, Tara Macri gloats of wonderful and alluring music videos that will sit you down for hours.

Check out some of her videos here:


One of Tara’s tunes that did very well by topping charts was ‘Meet Me On Mars’. It is one of the melodies that has ‘weight’ taking everything into account. Additionally, the artist has cut a specialty for herself by making power-pop anthems, for example, “This Crush” ,” “Cardboard Castle,” “Strawberry Moon” and “Prettiest Girl In The Room.” Amongst these songs of devotion, the “Prettiest Girl In The Room” played for quite a long time on radio and satellite stations across America, and broke Billboard’s Top 100.

However, the incredible piano player who has an exceptional voice is equipping to bounce back with another release soon. Watch out for another hit one, but in the meantime, enjoy some great sounds and videos from Tara Macri on YouTube:


Regardless, Tara Macri who is also a staggering actress, has severally been featured in front of an audience and on screen. She has been in various motion pictures including the ever popular ‘Broadway’. She was additionally an aspect of the U.S. touring agency in the widely praised creation of Hairspray as Amber Von Tussle.

Aside from the abovementioned, Tara has been a part of other dramatic credits like: ‘First Wives Club’ and Jersey Boys. Outside of the theater, Macri was most recently the voice of Young Tigress in the Dreamwork’s Kung Fu Panda prequel, “Mysteries of the Scroll”, which additionally included Jack Black, Dustin Hoffman, Seth Rogan, and Lucy Lui.

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