Taylor Swift Angry With Record Label

Taylor Swift couldn’t hide her indignation towards her former record label when they released another album featuring a portion of her live performances from 2008.

The artist got so angry and took to her social media handle on 23rd April, 2020 to express her anger. Actually, her long standing fight with the record label had rested until this came up.

She made this known via social media with respect to how she didn’t like the release of a new album which featured some of her live performances. She posted:

“Hey guys — I want to thank my fans for making me aware that my former record label is putting out an “album” of live performances of mine tonight. This recording is from a 2008 radio show performance I did when I was 18. Big Machine has listed the date as a 2017 release but they’re actually releasing it tonight at midnight,” Swift wrote in an Instagram Live story. “I’m always honest with you guys about this stuff so I just wanted to tell you that this release is not approved by me.”

Nonetheless, Taylor Swift who had been signed to Big Machine Label Group from her 2006 self-titled introduction album through 2017’s “Reputation,” before signing with Universal Music Publishing Group, said she is shocked about this move by the management of the record label.

She is irate since the deal has kept Swift from possessing the initial six albums in her inventory. At any rate, she has plans of re-recording probably some of them.

She proceeded to state:

“It looks to me like Scooter Braun and his financial backers, 23 Capital, Alex Soros and the Soros family and the Carlyle Group have seen the latest balance sheets and realized that paying $330 MILLION for my music wasn’t exactly a wise choice and they need money. In my opinion just another case of shameless greed in the time of coronavirus. So tasteless, but very transparent,”.

A source close to the label has additionally discredited the allegations saying:

“This is not a new release. All that’s being done is taking existing music that’s been available through YouTube and Target for over a decade and distributing it to all streaming services so fans can enjoy wherever they listen.”

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