The Akan Language Of Ghana Is Referenced In The Christian Bible

Akan is apparently, the most well known spoken language in Ghana. Among each ten (10) individuals, around seven of them communicate in the language fluidly, while the rest communicate in the other local dialects.

It is a Central Tano language and the main local language of the Akan people of Ghana, spoken over a significant part of the southern portion of the country.

About 80% of Ghana’s populace can communicate in Akan, with 44% being native speakers. The language is additionally spoken in parts of Côte d’Ivoire, a neighbouring country.

In spite of the fact that, there are several other dialects like, Nzema, Ga, Ewe, Dangbe, Kotokoli and so forth spoken in Ghana, Akan is by all accounts ahead of them because of the tremendous number of Akans who were scattered around the country numerous years ago.

In history, the Akans who live in Ghana relocated in progressive waves between the eleventh and eighteenth centuries. Others occupied the eastern part of Ivory Coast and parts of Togo. They relocated from the north to own the backwoods and seaside territories in the south in the thirteenth century.

The Akans have a solid oral history tradition of their past. Their cultural thoughts are communicated in stories and axioms and furthermore in plans, for example, images utilized in carvings and furthermore on garments.

The cultural and notable nature of the Akans in Ghana makes it a region of research for various disciplines, for example, fables, artistic studies, etymology, human studies and history.

The fascinating part of the Akan language is that, it’s the Asantes who speak it the more, but it involves an assortment of other dialects under the umbrella of Akan.

The latter’s key members are: Brong, Fante, Asante Twi and Akwapim Twi. Accordingly, it legitimizes why it is the most spoken language in Ghana.

Nonetheless, Asante Twi is the broadly spoken, with Southern Ghana being the most who speak it. The Akan language, is additionally spoken by the NYO group inside the Kwa region of the Niger-Congo language family (African sisters).

Strangely, when foreigners visit Ghana, naturally, they attempt to gain proficiency with the language to have the option to speak with the people. Incredibly, within a short time span, they begin to speak it, although not fluid.

Aside from English language which is the lion’s share of the Ghanaian public, Twi or the Akan language is straightaway, in this manner utilized all the more frequently. The intriguing part of the Akan language is the number of times it is referenced in the Christian Bible.

As indicated by the Good Books, other than Cote d’ivoire, and Jamaica, Ghana’s Akan language is also referenced five times in the Bible. The Akans are important for the offspring of Ezer apart from Bilhan and Zaavan.

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