The Ambiance And Excitement At The Dodi World Is Just Beautiful!

Those who have been to the Dodi world at Akosombo, can vouch for the fact that, this special aqua tourism destination is an unquestionable necessity. The feeling and fervor here is astonishing. You know why? There are a lot of stuffs here to see and appreciate.

Numerous visitors come here not only for traveling purposes, but to experience the rushes and adventure that could only be described as epic at the Dodi World. For sure, as Ghana’s extraordinary tourism destination, it welcomes a storm of vacationers consistently over time, with a portion of these visitors coming from other parts of the world.

Dodi World offers a memorable voyage experience on board its 150 capacity pleasure boat the famous MV Dodi Princess II to Dodi Island located 14.6 nautical miles from Akosombo.

Visiting the world of Dodi implies, you’re in to also see the Dodi Princess Cruise-one of the delightful spots here. And on weekends ie. each Saturday and Sunday, there is a great deal of things to keep you busy and excited.

Indeed, even on week days, business guests can have their Corporate retreats and meetings here. Bunches of people who want to come and host parties, excursions, charters night cruises – are always welcomed.

At Dodi the world, there are a bundle to enjoy including delightful lunch, refreshments, and lots more. Island Adventure, Pedal boats, Kids jungle gym, Live band, Video games, Camel ride and so on are also accessible for visitors.

Dodi Princess at Akosombo, Lake Volta is home to MV Dodi Princess – An augmentation of the Volta Hotel. The recently assembled 176-capacity cruise boat, the Dodi Princess II replaced its ancestor.

The three-deck Dodi Princess II, though half the capacity of Dodi Princess I (350), has all the intimate details of the latter, with a modern appeal presented by its nicely-set-out bar on the middle deck. The wooden-floor upper-deck with a beautiful view of the lake is dedicated for live band music entertain guests on-board.

Sailing on the lake, one can see the Akosombo Dam, the Presidential chalets, Dwarfs’ Island, the tilapia farm and scenic views of surrounding mountains.

Aside from the two-hour cruise to the Dodi Island, the Maritime Club House operated by the hotel offers water-sports lovers a host of other activities.

There are kayaks and speed-boats for water-sports aficionados. For those with aquaphobia, the perspective on the stream and encompassing rugged scene, as well as the new breeze, will clearly calm you as you taste on newly made natural product squeeze and treat your fingers to some hot-barbecued tilapia reaped from the tilapia ranch on the lake.

Upon landing in Dodi, one is welcomed by the occupants of the island with enthusiastic social music and conventional dances. It’s genuinely a beautiful experience to be here. A segment of the rough island is occupied by nearly 300 individuals. The other half, where individuals typically visit, has a place with the VRA.

Ghana’s Rock City Hotel Is The Largest Hotel In Africa And 50th In The World

The island until now had nothing significant to draw in many guests who wants to rest over or spend some money when they visit. Nonetheless, that has changed.

The VRA has created a park on the unadorned island. There is now an ostrich park, a bush-buck park, and two large bird-cages with assorted colourful local and foreign birds. The three large ostriches at the theme park are also friendly.

The Volta Lake:

Lake Volta is the biggest repository by surface region in the world, and the fourth biggest one by water volume. It has a surface area of around 8,502 km² (3,275 square miles).

The lake’s northmost point is near the town of Yapei, and its southmost capacity is at the Akosombo Dam, 520 kilometers downstream from Yapei.

About Volta Hotel:

The Volta Hotels Limited in Akosombo was incorporated in 1970. It is a 3-star lavish hotel with 35 rooms including four suites and an honor house, a discotheque, pleasure activities — including cruising the lake on MV Dodi Princess, a swimming pool, two luxurious conference halls, and a double tennis court and golf course located on a hilltop overlooking the Akosombo hydro dam.

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