The Journey To The Ancestral Slave River Park Was Full Of Abuse, Starvations..

I had caught wind of the Ancestral Slave River Park in Assin Manso in Ghana. I had no idea about this waterway park and its location, so I arranged with my co-writer to visit the spot, so we can have more subtleties of this wonderful tourism site before publication.

The inclination here is diverse as the greenery speaks to your spirit. As one of the biggest slave markets for social affair individuals to sell into slavery during the infamous transoceanic slave trade, Assin Manso Ancestral Slave River Park has pulled in numerous people from varying backgrounds especially the African American population to this spot.

Indeed, guests come here to educate themselves and to think back about how the entire tribal slave occurred, and what really the purpose for this stream park was all about.

It merits visiting this place, as it as a prelude to reviewing Cape Coast slave stronghold since you will be following the course taken by the progenitors of numerous African Americans.

Assin Manso Ancestral Slave River Park was the last connection in the bondage course from northern Ghana and was known to have been the biggest slave market for the dealer providing slaves on the fortifications and palaces on the coast.

Trans – Atlantic slave trade came about when people were expected to chip away agriculture and mines since the Europeans were not suitable to the atmosphere and not ready to endure the tropical illness during the farming and mines work.

Trans – Atlantic slave trade had products like tobacco, spirits, beads, fabrics, firearms and so forth) taken from Europe to Africa in return of humans. At that point, the traded products (ie. the people) were delivered to take a shot at farms and mines.

The dealers at that point got back to Europe with the produce from the slave’s work farms (fabrics, sugar, tobacco, and so forth) The transportation of the slaves from Africa to America frames the center entry of the three-sided trade.

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In your journey to see everything at the Ancestral Slave River Park, you will undoubtedly observe an Ancestral Graveyard (The Memorial Wall of Return) where most Africans write their names on the wall demonstrating they have discovered their root.

There is a memorial which honors some conspicuous individuals who were engaged with bondage. Unfortunately, during that ‘agonizing’ period, the captured Africans had to travel shoeless, through the cruel hedge and over harsh territory for several miles and made a beeline for the Gold Coast Dungeon.

They endured abuse, as they were famished and beaten into consistence by the employed drivers of the slave dealer. They were frequently attacked by wild creatures, however unfit to battle or run since they stayed shackled and binded. Numerous lives and spirits were lost along this dangerous excursion.

The slaves were constantly permitted by the Portuguese to stop at a joint called Donkor Nsuo in a real sense signifying ‘The Slave River’ at Assign Manso. They were allowed to cool off there after their long excursion. They feed and rest for a few days or weeks. Interestingly, this is the place where the hostages would take their last bath in waters of their local land.

Actually, the Portuguese dispensed to the African slaves coldhearted practices. They would use a red, hot marking iron to consume a recognizing nark onto the skin of the slaves. The consumes imprint would leave a scar on their shoulders, the bosom or the upper arm to show ownership.

When the time is due to leave, they were arranged, leaving the frail ones behind binded trees, where the inconceivable occurred. The more grounded slaves kept walking for around 40 miles to Cape Coast Castle, actually shacked and binded.

It’s consistently an emotional experience when you get to the Ancestral Slave River Park yet in addition worth considering the visit a prelude to seeing the Cape Coast slave stronghold. A visit to Ghana’s Ancestral Slave River Park, which is situated at Assin Manso is an absolute necessity for anybody.

It’s a serene spot to consider Black history and Slave exchange history. Also, get ready to buy a packaged river water for the records to signify that you went to the Slave River Park in Ghana.

Getting to Assin Manso is just 2 and half hours from the city, Accra. Assin Manso is a town in the Central Region of Ghana. It is found 40 kilometers along the Cape Coast Kumasi roadway (Yamransa intersection).

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