The Beautiful Excursion Of The Daughters Of Glorious Jesus And A Lot More

The Daughters Of Glorious Jesus

Daughters of Glorious Jesus has throughout the years made gospel music worth tuning in. A huge number of people have been spiritually healed, empowered, revived and profoundly fulfilled by just paying attention to The Daughters Of Glorious Jesus.

As a matter of fact, the triplet has been a blessing to millions of people, especially Ghanaians. In as much much human beings will undoubtedly confront life challenges in our lives, we obviously need some kind of motivation to get us moving. And that is the thing Daughters Of Glorious Jesus has since 1989 been doing for the down-spirited and the helpless.

They have indeed inspired large number of individuals all over the world with their wonderful songfics. For more than thirty years, the melodic group which is made out of Cynthia Appiadu, Edna Sarpong and Monica Owusu Ansah have applauded God through their music in English and Twi dialects respectively.

As a matter of fact, there have been certifiable testimonies from across the world, legitimizing why they love paying attention to the Daughters Of Glorious Jesus. Since their beginning, these three women have been able to connect unbelievers to the Almighty God. The word of God has changed them to the best.

Every one of their tunes are extremely popular, with heaps of people chiming in any time they are being played. As if by design, the award winning trio has released staggering gospel tunes that have forever been a resonator with the crowd.

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That said, the Daughters Of Glorious Jesus are perceived as having the most number of songs by a Ghanaian Gospel artists. They have produced innumerable number of tunes, which till now, are still getting huge airplays on radio and television. Their unremitting releases, in addition to the beautiful telepathy between Cynthia, Edna and Monica Owusu makes them a unique gospel music group.

Indeed, the greater part of their tunes are composed by various songwriters including their spouses, pastors and a few individuals, but with regards to delivery and performance, the Daughters Of Glorious Jesus can’t be undervalued. They know how their fans value them that much, and so before they put out any tune, the Daughters ensure it comes out quality and engaging.

That has perhaps been their trademark up until this end. Many music groups have taken asunder due to reasons most popular to them. Ghanaian music groups like Hallelujah Voices, Suzzie and Matt, Jane and Bernice, Vine Praise, and numerous others are no more. Yet, the Daughters Of Glorious Jesus are still on their feet, glowing like a new baby’s room.

In fact, they have even been a motivation to endless number of singers in Ghana, who are following their strides. They have understudied in the possession of the Daughters, and are very getting along nicely. Interestingly, the children Of the Daughters Glorious Jesus have also begun following the path of their moms, as they sing very well to the shock of fans.

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As a matter of fact, they were introduced to the world in one of the music group’s show, where they performed as well. Interestingly, even some male singers have voiced out why their motivation is drawn from the Daughters of Glorious Jesus.

Under the Record labels: Daughters Of Glorious Ministries, Digital Distribution By Mipromo, the group have produced more Albums to their credit. Aseda, Nea Yɛ Huyi, Wo Nnim, Ennye Yie, Trimude, Abba Father, Bebre, Aseda, Wo Ntaban, Aseda, Yesu Mo, Aseda, Onokwafo Nyame and numerous others are only a tad of their tunes out there. In the interim, they have other new releases that is also doing quite well on several streaming platforms.

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