The Beautiful Tale Of Boxing In Bukom, Ghana – The First Love Of The Youth!

The Bukom Boxing Arena

Ghana has for as long as two decades engraved its name on the world’s boxing books kind courtesy a well known suburb Bukom in Ghana’s capital Accra.

The likes of Azumah Nelson, Ike Quartey, Braimah Kamoko (famously known as Bukom banku), Joshua Clottey, Agbeko, Isaac Dogbe and numerous other unimaginable fighters have all hoisted the flag of Ghana all over the world. In fact, most of these boxers were groomed in Bukom.

These names have offered Ghana to the world through confining assorted ways, and can’t deny the fact that, they began from the exceptional suburb in Accra, Bukom. Boxing is one of the renowned sporting activities in the world despite the fact that, soccer has somewhat assumed control over the world.

Instead of engaging themselves with football, which is equally a famous sports, numerous youngsters including women have decided to be boxers just like their forerunners. These youthful chaps for the most part, hail from Bukom and their crave for the game is just incredible. They love boxing so much that, some of them have abandoned their education to do boxing.

Obviously, that is not something worth being commended but rather, this town is occupied with low income workers, thus balance for the education of these children is very difficult.

From this time forward, instead of staying at home and dallying around, they decide to find a good pace and start a boxing career. Bukom has loads of training centers like the Akotoku Academy and the Bukom boxing Arena — and when you arrive in the vicinity, practically every one of them are in every case brimming with rising and hopeful title holders.

Situated in the central part of the city of Accra, the intriguing suburb is loaded with talents with groups of individuals going all over the lanes of the town. Interestingly, there is a boxing arena purposely erected for boxing competitions and universal boxing sessions. It is the most smoking space for boxing events.

Bukom which is one of Ghana’s celebrated spots due to boxing is continually creating extraordinary talents in boxing. The Ghana Boxing Authority has attested why Bukom is the greatest most definitely in terms of talent discovery.

As a result, all the title holders who began from here, always donate cash and items to help the youthful ones coming up after they win a global boxing bout. Others additionally help them in different manners including offering training programs for these young and rising fighters.

Ghanaian Boxer Switches Nationality To The UK

Azumah Nelson, the main Boxing legend who has been named in the boxing hall of fame, does that a lot of time. In 2019, he offered his monstrous support to another youthful and fiery fighter Isaac Dogbe to win world titles for Ghana although he is not from Bukom.

The Ga city had surely produced numerous extraordinary fighters in the boxing space. In this manner, the onus lies on the government of Ghana, private individuals and institutions who have capacities to help transform the spot generally for the best. Boxing has some time ago, lifted the flag of Ghana around the globe, until recent times.

Other than football which is the principal love of Ghanaians, boxing comes exceptionally close, therefore if same acknowledgment is given to football, it ought to similarly be given to boxing to bring back the adoration of yesteryears.

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