What Makes Mole National Park That Unique

Mole National Park

A large number of people have been venturing out as sightseers to have a great time at Mole National park in Ghana.

This place has for so many years, pulled in heaps of tourists from around the world. This is Ghana’s biggest natural life asylum, which holds around 90 types of vertebrates, including African elephants.

This West African social gem is available to international travelers showing up via air.

Mole National Park is one of Ghana’s best the travel destinations. It’s home to several animals.. In the western part of the recreation center, the Konkori Escarpment has all encompassing perspectives and neglects waterholes where animals drink. There are cascades along the Kparia and Polzen streams. Toward the south, Larabanga town has a centuries-old, Sudanese-style mosque.

The park is Ghana’s first, biggest and most lofty region. It is overseen predominantly for its remarkable normal, physical, verifiable and social qualities. It covers a space of 4,577 km2 of genuinely undisturbed Guinea savannah in the northern part of Ghana.

Mole is wealthy in biodiversity and home to somewhere in the range of 742 vascular plant species, more than 90 vertebrate species including 5 primatespecies, of which types of preservation and vacationer premium include: Elephant, Buffalo, Kob, Western Hartebeest, Roan Antelope, Defassa Waterbuck, Oribi, Bohor Reedbuck and Red-flanked Duiker.

Rare and endangered species include the Yellow-upheld Duiker, Black and White Colobus Monkey, Leopard and Lion. The Park is home home to 334 bird species, 33 reptiles, 9 land and water proficient species, and somewhere in the range of 120 butterflies.

The Park has the most practical elephant populace in Ghana, and in that capacity, is a focal point for elephant preservation. It is additionally said that the Park has a one of a kind type of elephants, that are not threatening, not forceful or insecure, contrasted with other elephant populaces in the rest of Africa.

Mole is known to be one of seven National Parks in Ghana. The other untamed life bequests include six Resource Reserves, two natural life asylums, one Strict Nature Reserve and five Ramsar destinations, overseen by the Wildlife Division of the Forestry Commission of Ghana.

The Park’s main goal is to economically deal with the natural life resources of Mole National Park, increase income, and create monetary activities around the Park so as to contribute towards local financial turn of events.

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Effective law enforcement and protection of the Park is ensured through the establishment of the range system, and collaboration with fringe communities.

Mole National Park was inscribed on UNESCO’s Tentative List of World Heritage Properties in 2000, and is working and striving to achieve World Heritage Site status soon.

The Park is accessible by road. It additionally has an airstrip, which is out of utilization. Mole imparts its boundaries to 33 periphery communities in two of Ghana’s districts: the Northern Region and the Upper West Region.

In addition to savouring the precious flora and fauna through game viewing, bird watching, informative walks and camping, visitors to the Park can also visit some of the neighbouring communities, and experience their rich cultural heritage, architecture and traditional livelihood activities, among others.

Nearby tourists attractions include Bui National Park, Gbele Resource Reserve, Wechiau Community Hippo Sanctuary, Paga Crocodile Pond, Paga Pio’s Palace, Wa Naa’s Palace, Pikworo Slave Camp, Sirigu (for its design and outside stylistic layout), Ancient Mosques (especially Larabanga, Bole and Nakose), the Kraal structures, Nalerigu Defense Wall, Gwollu Defense Wall, Navrongo Cathedral, and the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Seven Sorrows, additionally at Navrongo.

There is additionally the Tamale Center for National Culture, Larabanga Mystery Stone, Wuling Mushroom Rock, and Daboya Smock Village.


On showing up at Mole National Park, you can stay in Zaina Lodge, West Africa’s first extravagance safari hold up, which is situated inside Mole National Park. The hotel has 25 individual completely cooled rose chalets with private shower and indoor and outside showers. other offices include a pool (counting a kids’ pool), eatery and bar.

Getting Here:

There is no immediate connection from Accra to Mole National Park. However, you can take the drive to Accra air terminal, fly to Tamale, then take a bus to Mole National Park. Then again, you can take the transport to Wa straight to Mole National Park.

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