The Benkadi Kurudi Festival: An Awesome Festival Of The Wangara..

Ghana is known for its numerous festivals, many of which are held annually in various parts of the country. These locations attract a lot of tourists from Ghana and other countries to celebrate these festivals. Having said that, one of these is the Benkadi Kurubi, which can be found in Kintampo, Ghana, in the Bono East region.

As an event centered on commemorating or promoting their ancestors’ migration to Kintampo, it is frequently held for the community as a reminder.

The Wangara community in Ghana holds a colorful festival called Benkadi Kurubi Festival each year. It is celebrated in Kintampo, which is considered the hub of trade between the north and south of Ghana.

This one-of-a-kind festival celebrates the rich culture of the Wangara people and is held annually at the Kurubi festival in the Bono East region.

Numerous activities, including beautiful attires, delicious foods, and more, take place during this attractive festival. The Wangara community’s dedication to Kintampo’s traditional paramountcy is also celebrated at the Kurubi Festival.

The Wangara people are influenced historically by the Kurubi Festival by the migration of their ancestors to Kintampo and the achievements of both their ancestors and the current generation following settlement.

The Wangaras, who are primarily Muslims, celebrate the day on which the Prophet Mohammed received the first verse of the Holy Quran on the 27th night of Ramadan.

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According to Islamic beliefs, this is known as the great night, when Allah the All-Powerful bestows numerous blessings upon his people.

One of the shocking but rich cultural displays at this durbar, or festival, is a public dance performed by virgins for the crowd. Young virgins perform the Kurubi dance on a projected wooden platform known as the Kurubi Gbata at the durbar grounds. After that, they dance comfortably and enjoy themselves.

On the other hand, it is thought that everyone who may have had sexual relations in the past will fall from the platform. As a result, climbing the wooden seat reveals those who have had premarital sex.

The festival thus instills and promotes virginity as a virtue in young people. Throughout the exciting event, the Wangara communities from all over the country perform a variety of dances.

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