The Case Of Retired Footballers In Africa – The Good And The Bad

Majority of the world’s population watch football and indeed, larger part of football fans who watch the game, do so with powerful emotions. So who is the one that makes the game so fascinating?

Obviously, everything demonstrates that it is the player on the field not the ball boy, referee, match coordinator or all other related people. At that point – during the 90 minutes of football, the player is the most notable individual on the field in spite of the fact that the people referenced above are for the most part contributors to the magnificence of the game.

Footballers have brought love, harmony and solidarity to the world through their skills on the field of play. As handy players who are exceptionally loved by their fans, one would have believed that in the wake of resigning from the game, they ought to enjoy the best part of life through the monies they made from football.

Yes, that ought to be the condition but shockingly, in Africa, a few players who may have made the name in football everywhere throughout the continent and even the world over endure disgrace and disrespect.

A number of these African players played for quite a long while for both their countries and international clubs, yet the next minute in the wake of resigning, you hear awful updates on them with some as bad as taking monies from people as alms for a living.

A certain number of these players who have the mathematical knowledge also work out lotto numbers for other lotto enthusiasts for a fee. Others go through questionable intends to survive.

While some retired players are being occupied with football related employments like coaching, match commissioners, brand ambassadors for football brands, sports punditry and others to bring home the bacon, others are financially suffering to bring in a minimal income to feed on in a day.

Many football fans have cross examined what they really did with their monies during their playing times. Other have opined that, Life is loaded with vulnerabilities, along these lines, they shouldn’t be one hundred percent blamed for their binds.

In fact, there are many African players who are confronting this challenge with some transforming into priests to bring home the bacon. It’s exceptionally awful, particularly taking a gander at what they brought to the world and the fame they accomplished during their playing days.

Indeed, tons of people have shared their contemplations about this issue but according to one football manager, apart from the issue examined above, there ought to be a special association set up for such Footballers should there be any of such conditions happening.

If the Football Association won’t attempt to aid these players, there ought to be a Welfare Fund for them. Not every person can endure the ‘heat’ of life, therefore in such circumstances, the necessary assistance can be given to them.

We should disregard “What Did He Use His Money For?” mentality. After all, they served both country and Club.

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