The Case Of Women Being Sabotaged – The Story Of Offeibea Ramatu

Offeibea Ramatu

By and large, women are found in the public eye as the most fragile or defenseless, and in this manner, are not given the required acknowledgment in all circles of life. It’s exceptionally heartbreaking particularly to this date when the world is in a whole new time and century.

All things considered, one of these ladies who has confronted such difficulties is Ghana’s Offeibea Ramatu Abdulai. She is a fearless lady who is most likely born into the world with sports in her genes especially football. Strong and delightful Offeibea has for quite a while energetically followed football in Ghana and crosswise over board but has observed ‘hell’ during a specific period.

As a football trainer herself, she has dealt with womens’ football both in the local terrain and even the national teams of the country, Ghana. With that profound energy, she advanced from being a mentor into different circles of football to the extent of vying for the position of a president in the Ghana football association’s elections.

Offeibea needed to be the President of the football Association in Ghana yet had to go through all the biggest tests. Indeed, even with that, Offeibea couldn’t accomplish her fantasy about being the Football Association President of Ghana for different reasons- so she had to sit back and watch.

At a point, she had to stop contesting as she was being undermined left and right by people. She experienced restless nights since her mobile phone continued ringing at day break with dangerous messages and calls. The ‘heat’ was so much that, Offeibea has to leave her personal house to another destination because of the dread of being ‘hunted’ down. Offeibea was set on being a part of the football development due to the powerful love for the game.

In fact, she can’t survive without football but about surrendered because of the weight on her at the time she was attempting to contest the position of being the President of Ghana’s football Association.

Uneventfully, people thought she was a lady and that she shouldn’t verge on challenging with men for a similar position. There are a few different issues she experienced attempting to make the football all in all a superior one but eventually became quiet. On the other hand, some were also in any event, blaming her for dozing around with a portion of these footballers she was close with yet that wasn’t the situation by any stretch of the imagination.

Offeibea Ramatu deplored that the society is loaded with bundle of wolves in sheep’s clothing in Ghana as well as numerous other countries. However, Offeibea thinks she is given more acknowledgment in few other countries than her own.

With the story above, it unmistakably shows how women are constantly undermined in numerous parts of our lives particularly when it has to do with positions in the public arena. The tag of “Oh! she is a woman” ought to be stopped since these positions depend on what one can do but not about sexual orientation. There are huge amounts of ladies scholastically doing very well in their field of concentrates but are not perceived for anything accommodating in the public eye.

That mentality ought not be supported at all on the grounds that, in the long run the end of what the individual offers legitimizes the means.

Women, Rise Up!!

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