The Comedian Has Warned Nigerians. This Is Why

Mr Macaroni, a social activist and comedian from Nigeria, has shed his comedic persona to warn Nigerians to be wary of politicians who offer money in exchange for votes.

On Tuesday, January 10, the activist known in real life as Debo Adebayo issued this warning via his verified Twitter handle.

On that day, Mr. Macaroni issued a warning claiming that politicians who offer money in exchange for votes are only investing rather than serving Nigerians.

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Additionally, he asserted that Nigerians are entitled to the nation’s treasury and that, it should be seized by force.

“Any politician offering you money in exchange for your vote is not going to serve you. They are only investing. If they get into office, they will loot the Nation’s treasury which rightfully belongs to the people.

“Do not vote in thieves and looters!

“They are destroyers.”

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