The Dance Of Light Tower Is One Of The Twisted In The World

One of the world’s most Twisted towers has been unveiled in Chongqing, China.
The Dance Of Light pinnacle, which is designed by Aedas and completed this year, is 180 meters (590 feet) tall and features a curved exterior that imitates the shape of Northern lights.

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Situated on Xingfu Square in the Jiangbei area of Chongqing, the structure uses the straightforward and exquisite type of twofold bended exteriors to created an impression that the structure is being twisted.

As indicated by designers of the building Aedas Global designers, the exterior isn’t just a standpoint articulation, but additionally a way of protection that shapes inside spaces.

The architects were roused by the moving aurora – – the beams and twistings of the polar lights frequently found in the arctic and Antarctic – – so light plays a key role in accentuating the twisted shape of the structure. The view of the tower varies from different angles as light reflects and bends over the glass facades.

When night falls, the curved facade showcases reflections that allude to the dancing figure of a ballerina.

The podium roof extends a coherent statement of sliding twist from top to bottom, echoing with the geometry of the tower and maintaining a consistent architectural style. As per Aedas, the tower has a “twisting angle” of up to 8.8 degrees per floor.

The Turning Torso, by Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava and built in 2005 in Malmo, Sweden, was the first twisted skyscraper that showcased the innovative style of architecture.

The Dance Of Light tower is almost 1.5 times more than some other elevated structure tower. As an open public space, the tower has every one of the credits to be a city icon, particularly the critical curving of the exterior is exceptional.

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