The Duke And Duchess Pay A Visit To The Caribbean, And It’s Just Beautiful!

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are on an official visit to the Realms of Belize, Jamaica and The Bahamas in the interest of Her Majesty The Queen on the event of the Platinum Jubilee.

Their Royal Highnesses visited memorable Mayan destinations and celebrated the rich culture of the Garifuna people group as well as exploring the nation’s biodiversity.

The Duke and Duchess traveled to Jamaica where their visit included drawing in with the Jamaican Defense Force and commending the fundamental tradition of Bob Marley and other pivotal Jamaican performers alongside some of the upcoming stars.

The Duke and Duchess ended their visit in The Bahamas where they spent time with communities across various islands and experience a widely popular junkanoo march. Apart from this, the reaction to COVID-19 will also be featured in The Duke and Duchess’ program.

Their Royal Highnesses were poised to know more about the impact that the pandemic has had across the Caribbean, and how communities have arranged to answer the difficulties they have confronted. All through their visit, The Duke and Duchess made a move to commemorate Her Majesty’s Platinum Jubilee.

In Belize, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were invited to the country by the Governor General and government official, where they met with Prime Minister Johnny Briceño and his better half, Rossana.

They visited a few spots including a cacao producer to find out about Belize’s popular Maya chocolate production.

It was an extraordinary experience to see how this widely popular chocolate was made – utilizing every single natural product, all grown on their land.

Their Royal Highnesses also visited the Hopkins, a small village on the coast which is considered the cultural centre of the Garifuna community in Belize.

They also spent time learning from conservation specialists about marine protection and the incredible restoration efforts of Belize’s precious barrier reef being led by communities across the country.

Their next stop was at the extraordinary Caracol – an antiquated Mayan archeological site somewhere down in the Chiquibul Forest. They took more time to have a wonderful perspective on this uneven region.

They additionally studied the historical backdrop of the site during their visit and got the opportunity to take in the mind boggling Caana or ‘sky castle’ – which remains the tallest man-made structure in Belize right up ’til the present time.

The Duke then took a trip trip down memory lane when he and The Duchess spent time with BATSUB (British Army Training Support Unit) in the jungle. This is a military unit which delivers tropical environment training to troops from the UK and international partners.

During their time with BATSUB, The Duke and Duchess heard about the close cooperation between the British Army, and conservation organisations such as Friends for Conservation and Development working to protect the Chiquibul Forest, which is part of The Queen’s Commonwealth Canopy.

To end the day, Their Royal Highnesses went to a gathering facilitated by the Governor General of Belize at the Mayan ruins at Cahal Pech, close to San Ignacio.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge wrapped up their visit through Belize at the Governor General’s gathering. Hosted at the Cahal Pech archeological site, Their Royal Highnesses had the option to meet and talk with clergymen of Cabinet, dignitaries and invited visitors.

In Jamaica:

On appearance in Jamaica, Their Royal Highness visited Trench Town, the origin of reggae music in the core of Kingston. Since Jamaica has tremendously contributed towards sports and music, the Duke and Duchess joined some youthful football players – including the winners of Jamaica’s popular Manning Cup – on a neighborhood football pitch.

Still in Trench Town, they went to the Culture Yard Museum where Bob Marley used to reside and connect with other famous performers. They found out about the area’s social history, it’s uncommon global commitment to music, and went to a festival of reggae music.

They then, at that point, headed out to Shortwood Teacher’s College to meet students who are preparing to become young education professionals.

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Over recent years, The Duchess has focused her work to elevate the importance of early childhood development, and the College is a recognised exemplar in its field, conducting research in early childhood education and care while also offering professional development programmes to the early childhood sector.

The Duke and Duchess then visited Spanish Town Hospital where they met doctors, nurses and other members of staff to hear about their experiences as part of the frontline response to COVID-19 in Jamaica.

Next, Their Royal Highnesses travelled to Flankers, near Montego Bay to learn about how the Jamaica Defence Force is supporting at-risk young men in vulnerable communities by providing training in driving trucks and other heavy-duty vehicles, in turn supporting them into employment.

The Duke and Duchess then finalized everything, after paying a visit to a Dinner hosted by the Governor General of Jamaica. They additionally went to the debut Commissioning Parade for service personnel from across the Caribbean who have recently completed the Caribbean Military Academy’s Officer Training Program.

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