The Sound Of Drumming Produces New Neuronal Connections In All Parts Of The Cerebrum- Research

In numerous parts of the world, a drum is a fundamental percussive instrument in the cultural existences of the people, as they are used for many reasons including religious customs, sporting events, communication and numerous other ceremonies.

During my recent visit to one of the acclaimed festivals ‘Akwasidae’ in the Asante Kingdom of Ghana, I was sincerely touched by the drums being played at the occasion. In fact, the drums in addition to the lovely ‘Adowa’ dance move is deeply connected so much that, I was unable to oppose but to dance with the beat by tapping my feet constantly.

And clearly, you could see that the benefits you get from drumming. When you engage in this activity, the medical advantages are more noteworthy than that of a normal vigorous exercise activity.

In old cultures, consecrated drumming was performed by ladies until it bit by bit fell in the hands of men. Drumming is a profound exercise that connects your spirit or feelings to any event in your life. Listening to drum sounds regularly can have the same effect as drumming itself.

Drumming is an incredible exercise for your cerebrum and really can make you more intelligent in light of the fact that when you drum or listen to it, it gets to your whole mind. Research shows that the physical transmission of cadenced vitality to the cerebrum really synchronizes the left and right sides of the hemispheres.

Along these lines, when the intelligent left side of the equator and the natural right half of the globe of your mind start to throb together, your inward direction system – or instinct – gets more grounded.

The sound of drumming produces new neuronal connections in all parts of the cerebrum. The more connection that can be made inside the cerebrum, the more coordinated our experiences become. This prompts a more profound feeling of mindfulness.

Idris Elba Joins Asantehene To Celebrate The Beautiful Akwasidae Festival

Drumming also seems to synchronize the lower territories of the cerebrum (non-verbal) with the frontal cortex (language and thinking). This joining produces sentiments of knowledge and assurance.

Back to my story: While tapping my feet, I saw the drum had diminished my downturn and uneasiness at that moment. In addition, drumming influences our wellbeing and assists with numerous conditions from pressure, weakness, and nervousness, to hypertension, asthma, ceaseless pains, joint inflammation, psychological instability, compulsion, and even malignancy.

Drumming has a noteworthy role in our cultural settings and exceptionally helpful to our health too. Evidently, listening to it being played or playing it yourself is very essential.

In fact, before I left the grounds of the ‘Akwasidae’ festival in Kumasi, I was at that point self-expressed. I similarly, explored my inner identity, and growing my awareness while being a part of the community.

This delineates why Shamans use drumming as a way of reaching at a modified or stupor like this so they can associate with the soul dimension. It’s simply excellent!

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