The Entertainment Industry Does Pay Well – Why Are Others Suffering?

Entertainment is one of the generously compensated jobs in the world. Obviously, in certain parts of the world, it isn’t as ruddy as it ought to but as a general rule, the industry pays well. Regarding this, the creative arts has been dynamic in America as some artists are cashing in heaps of cash from both their talents and even outside the act.

Recently, the world saw an incredible exhibition from top music icons like Jennifer Lopez and Shakira at the 2020 Super Bowl Event that pulled in countless crowd. Tons of Stars who were available at the occasion incorporates Lizzo, La Anthony, Rachel Lindsay, G-Eazy, Bootsy Bellows and Post Malone.

After this event, there were other after parties that got numerous craftsmen getting paid very well for hosting them. There were a few music stars that were available at all the occasions identified with the 2020 Super Bowl. Gunna, DaBaby, Lil Baby, Jeezy Yo Gotti and a lot more were a portion of the faces who were paid for hosting the parties.

Interestingly, some of these stars were paid as much $50,000. Jeezy and Yo Gotti as of now were part of the parties in Miami on the night of the get-togethers, with Jeezy getting paid $40,000 by Studio 23, while Yo Gotti was compensated with $50,000 for being host to Mirage Miami. Lil Baby additionally took $70,000 for his services at the occasion.

Among these hosts was Nicki Minaj whose force and clout is exceptionally demanding. Obviously, Minaj’s appearance alone at any occasion cost somewhere in the range of $100K and $200K depending on the show. The news is that Nicki Minaj was paid $125,000 to host Monday night’s Super Bowl weekend finale party at Studio 23 in Miami Beach, Florida. Nicki Minaj is by all accounts everywhere as she continues endeavoring to swell her bank accounts.

On the face of it, Gucci Mane was additionally reported to have been paid an amount of $100K to have Saturday night’s slam there. Truth be told, there are a few American stars who got large amounts of money from the abundance of celebrations that occurred in Super Bowl host city Miami with a few hip hop acts additionally making good money enormous in return for being available at specific occasions.

Is it a question of good entertainment structures making the American Music Industry blast that way or an instance of something different that the rest of the world need to copy? There are such a large number of countries in the world particularly on the African continent whose awful entertainment structures have bombed their players from various perspectives, therefore have disassembled the core structure.

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