The Fantastic Story Of A Nigerian Golfer Pushing Boundaries

Geogia Oboh

Starting off something isn’t just as simple as a pie. In this way, numerous people give up on the way, and are drawn to another side, to accomplish something different. Obviously, if what you’re pursuing is your obsession, you wouldn’t dare surrendering effectively regardless of the snags.

For Nigerian Georgia Oboh, she has chased constantly after her fantasies to become an a-list golf player. Oboh attempted to identify her role models in sports, so she took motivation from somewhere else – specifically, from tennis greats Serena Williams and Naomi Osaka.

The two has been a significant motivation to Georgia Oboh, who earned her place on the Ladies European Tour (LET) at only 17 years old.

She actually became the first Nigerian to fit the bill for the tour, and aspiring to also qualify for an Olympic Games and become the best golf player on the planet.

She is anticipating possibly playing a couple of majors this year, to work on her rankings and ultimately play on the LPGA Tour.

Georgia was born in the northern English city of Manchester, and her folks assumed a vital role in her getting golf at an early age. Her dad was acquainted with the game by his grandma.

He at that point, got his better half playing, and it wasn’t some time before six-year-old Georgia was employing her first golf club.

She moved around, playing at various golf clubs and getting new skills and experiences, which she believes has held her in great stead on her excursion to becoming an expert in golf.

20 year-old Oboh ended up competing young girls and young men, and at last began playing in the US Kids European Championship and then the US Kids World Championship, which she won at age 14, and afterward played the greater part of her lesser golf in America.

Burning through the vast majority of her summers and winters abroad, Georgia Oboh had an expansive scope of involvement playing golf in various countries and in different climate.

Her last debut as a beginner golf player came at 17 years old when she ventured out to Buenos Aires in Argentina for the Youth Olympic Games in 2018, completing tied for 22nd position.

After a successful junior career, in which she won numerous trophies, Oboh entered into qualifying school for the LET. After making it through the pre-qualifier, she had to wait on the final day of the actual event to earn her professional card.


Naomi Osaka Is Officially The Laureus Sportswoman of the Year

Oboh has never let things like the color of her skin or gender stop her from getting to where she need to or want to be. She is always persevering. And even had the choice of representing the United Kingdom but chose Nigeria instead due to its connection to her heritage.

Her home course is the Ikoyi Club 1938 in Lagos, the capital of Nigeria, and has won a few honors in the country. She even won her first master competition in her professional debut at the Cote D’Ivoire Open.

As the first Nigerian to play on the LET, Oboh knows that her achievement of reaching at the Tour is “an accomplishment.”

In any case, she is trusting that she can be a model for other people, as opposed to an insignificant blip on a the radar for Nigerian golf.

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