The Female Acts Versus Sexual Favours – Who Is To Be Blamed?

Some Ghanaian female Artists

A year ago, Ghana’s music industry woke up to hear blusters from one of its best female artists, Wendy Shay that, she has for a really long time been bothered by some rich businessmen for sex before being given financial help and sponsorship for her awesome rise in her music career.

Wendy Shay isn’t the only female act to have turned out to say this freely. All over the world, some female performers have whined about this issue, yet with respect to when it will stop is another conversation. For the most part, the issue of men bothering ladies with sex is something that has existed since days of yore.

In every institution, we hear about these issues, therefore, if any female celebrity comes out to proclaim their stands on it, people don’t to some degree care. After all, it’s all over the place! Perhaps, the female celebrities face it the more as people put across colossal deals for them for sex.

All over the world, particularly the American music industry, bunches of female acts have one way or the other been hit by this sex issue. At a point, artist Madonna, was a casualty and she turned out to advise the American Music Industry to do something about this issue since it will prevent extraordinary talents from exhibiting their abilities.

In Ghana, the number of female artists coming into the music scene continues expanding continuously. Obviously not every female artiste face this challenge but rather, lots of them have experienced this equivalent issue but are frightened to uncover the guilty parties.

This is on the grounds that, they deduce if they do, they may be sabotaged by these same music experts, therefore, they hold quiet and swallow down the harsh pill.

However, in the fashion industry, it is no exception as some models have sharply grumbled about the sort of emotional pains they experience in the hands of some model mentors and even ‘so called’ agents.

Some have said that, at times if they don’t surrender to these sexual favors, that will be the end of their career. Others also say, in specific cases, they are pimped out to top business executives before they’re given an opportunity on the runway.

Sadly, the film business faces a similar issue as certain on-screen characters are given a lead role in a scene if only they give into sexual solicitations from producers. All things considered, this is easily proven wrong since producers are also of the view that a portion of these entertainers rather seduce them just to have a way out to be lead role characters.

The question is: Who is to be taken to task? In actuality, some entertainers think that, your magnetism and how you hold yourself will clearly make a producer want to have a fling with you. Similarly, as Wendy Shay stated, even before you get a financial sponsorship or an ambassadorial deal some big men would want to have a “taste” of you before proceeding to append signatures.

Other than this, it will stun you to known that some male performers are additionally into this sexual arrangements where they are also pimped out to rich sugar mummies. Yes, that is another conversation for one more day.

In all these, some entertainment experts believe that if the structures of music directors and associations are not all around set up to battle this sex thing, it will never stop. Other school of thought are of the view this isn’t the obligation of any music Union.

The onus lies on the person to be ‘hard’ enough not to engage such acts but rather focus on their art. That way, solid opportunities will come their direction, that is if they do their art quite well.

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