The FIFA World Cup 2022™ Tickets Are On Sale. Check Out The Details

Following the successful consummation of the random selection draw time of the first sales stage, FIFA is offering fans an extra chance to get their tickets ahead of the Final Draw for the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™.

The excess tickets from this phase – following the payment period that endd on Monday March 21- are currently available for anyone at until 29 March 2022 at 11:00 CET.

As per FIFA, this is a first-come, first-served sales period, thusly fans will actually want to make their purchases right away and ought to act from the get-go to stay away from disappointment.

This is the last opportunity for fans to get their seats before the last draw is done, with demand set to further increase as the match-up as are revealed. Tickets will be made available for all matches, excluding the opener and the final.

Fans from around the world will have the potential chance to buy the following types of tickets:

Individual Match Tickets:

These are tickets for a particular match, which are accessible for all matches, with the exception of the opening game and the Final.

Team Specific Ticket Series:

This is for those who want to watch a specific team on each progression of their excursion in Qatar, beginning with the three group matches.

Four-Stadium Ticket Series

FIFA’s new ticketing product provides fans with a unique opportunity to sample the atmosphere across four different matches and iconic stadiums on successive days, thanks to the short distances within Qatar.

Accessibility Tickets:

These provide access to tailored facilities and spaces for disabled people and people with limited mobility, covering a range of requirements, as part of any of the above products.

The next sales phase will happen following the last draw on 1 April 2022, with additional declarations to continue at the appropriate time. For more data about the certified teams or the draw arrangements, kindly visit

In accordance with FIFA’s ticketing policy at recent editions of the FIFA World Cup™, Qatar occupants will have select admittance to an exceptional price category, category 4, with prices beginning at just QAR 40 each.

International guests will profit from the occasion’s conservative nature, permitting simple admittance to each of the eight state-of-the-art arenas without extra air travel or evolving accommodation.

In the sales phase following the draw, fans will have the chance to demand tickets to more than one match each day toward the start of the competition, and further upgrading their competition experience.

Visa payment cards are the restrictive payment method accepted for inhabitants of Qatar, while Visa and other selected payment cards are accepted for international fans. However, Visa is the favored payment answer for the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022.


Once fans have paid for their tickets, they will actually be able to book for accommodation and apply for their Hayya Card, which serves as a section license for international fans venturing out to Qatar for the competition.

FIFA Is Now Set To Discuss About Migrant Workers At This Year’s World Cup

All spectators, whether or not they are situated in Qatar or abroad, will require a Hayya Card alongside a match ticket to enter the stadium. To know more about accommodation choices and Hayya Card, visit

In the interim, the Qatari authorities will provide the required safeguards to protect the health and safety of all involved in the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022. In such manner, all participants would have to follow the travel counsel from officials of Qatari, including the most recent direction from the Ministry of Public Health.

Visit to buy a ticket.

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