The FIFA World Cup To Be Held Every Two Years?

The FIFA World Cup competition has over the course of the years, been held every four years. Hence, players also get an opportunity to focus on their clubs for an extensive stretch before the biggest football event in the world (the World Cup) falls off.

Notwithstanding, some few football players and administrators have an alternate considerations about this entire four years hosting of the World Cup. Arsene Wenger is one of the individuals who figures, the World Cup ought to be held each two (2) years.

Former Brazilian soccer hotshot Ronaldo Nazario has also added his voice to the campaign for the world cup to be held every two years. As indicated by Ronaldo, in this case, it would be astonishing to see the world cup arranged like clockwork.

The former world best player was speaking at a new FIFA media meeting when he made this expression. The Brazilian legend trusts that the proposition will be welcomed by the best players on the planet to push that agenda.

He said:

“It’s a new opportunity for new countries to have a chance, to fight for qualification,” the 44 year old said. “Every two years is amazing. And of course, if you ask Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo if they would love to have more opportunities to win the World Cup, I’m sure they’d say yes.”

In the mean time, Wenger’s ideas have divided all through the footballing scene. A few associations all throughout the world including Premier League, Serie An and the Bundesliga have delivered an assertion saying they reject those plans.


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They have collectively gone against any proposition to arrange the FIFA World Cup like clockwork. Others have also supported Wenger and Ronaldo Nazario’s proposition – saying World Cup at regular intervals (2 years) is a smart thought.

According to this group of people, Football continues to change constantly. Thusly, every thought that comes out like this is similarly commendable.

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