The Final Compilation Cut Of Samsung’s “Epic Worlds” Is Out Now

Samsung Electronics has unveiled the complete final cut of “Epic Worlds,” a unique cinematic project filmed entirely with a Galaxy S23 Ultra, catching the embodiment of a few unmistakable film genres and rethinking the potential outcomes of mobile content creation.

For the most part publicly supported prior to being altered together for the compilation release, “Epic Worlds” is a conviction to the power of open collaboration.

At the core of this new storytelling approach is a short centerpiece film, starring Emma Myers (known for her role in Netflix’s “Wednesday”) on a journey that transitions through the genres of film noir, science fiction, western, fantasy and action thriller.

Myers plays the hero, yet the legend of the piece is the Galaxy S23 Ultra’s Nightography. With an unrivaled capacity to catch low-light scenes, Nightography empowers lucidity and detail that is really true to life.

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From one side of the planet to the other, local powerhouses from Group Cosmic system shot their own scenes in response. These assorted pieces, all shot with the System S23 Ultra, have been woven along with the highlight to make the strong display that is the finished “Epic Worlds.”

“I am so excited that Samsung invited me to be a part of Team Galaxy. Using a smartphone to bring such an incredible short film to life was really amazing, and I totally loved the results and the entire process,” said Myers. “I am drawn to unique projects, so working with Samsung provided me the opportunity to use that creativity more and to encourage others to do the same by creating their own short films. I cannot wait for everyone to see the compilation cut of ‘Epic Worlds’ — it’s a next-level collaboration.”

“It’s honestly blown me away,” said Zee Ntuli, director of the “Epic Worlds” centerpiece. “I’ve been incredibly impressed with what this Galaxy device is capable of. What’s really amazed me is how the phone performs in low light. Nightography is just a remarkable feature.”

The project follows the success of previous Filmed #withGalaxy campaigns, in which Samsung joined hands with high-profile filmmakers to demonstrate Galaxy’s power to create cinema-worthy content.

“Epic Worlds” builds on that legacy with a bold statement that great content creation goes beyond power and image quality — it is also about creativity, community and the collaborative spirit, all of which Galaxy fosters.

Epic Worlds” is an invitation for content creators to harness the power of Galaxy and bring their most imaginative ideas to life. With Galaxy, professional-caliber content creation is available to everyone, everywhere.

The final compilation cut of “Epic Worlds” is out now. The centerpiece short film starring Emma Myers can be viewed on YouTube.

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