The Full Story Of Jozzy And Her Remarkable Rise To Prominence


About a decade ago, American singer and songwriter Jozzy chose to go to Miami in the US to work with a producer for only seven days. But she ended up not returning within those days. She continued to work in the hope of success.

Little did she know that she was going to meet and work with top global music icons like Beyoncé and Chris Martin, and some more and even get Grammy nominations.

Jozzy recently released her debut EP, “Songs For Women, Free Game for Ni**as,” and is currently putting in a lot of hard work as the first artist signed to Diddy’s Love Records label.

Jozzy said the following regarding Diddy and his record label:

“Two years ago, he had a camp for Love Records and I had pulled up,” she told CNN in an interview. “It was so funny because he didn’t like none of the songs I was writing.”

It’s interesting to note that Jozzy was making R&B songs in the same style as the very music Diddy had helped make popular.

Jozzy claimed that she was about to leave the camp when the opportunity to meet Diddy came up, despite her feelings of discouragement. She was once more invited to work in Miami after they talked.

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Up to this point, it’s been an unbelievable dream for Jocelyn Donald who is stage named Jozzy. In fact, she was a high schooler who went through her days experiencing childhood in Memphis, crushing in recording studios and composing.

Jozzy began her career in Miami as a protégé of the legendary producer Timbaland, and she soon began studying under him and rapper Missy Elliott.

According to Jozzy, those early days didn’t bring a lot of cash, yet she found an wealth of experience with what she did.

She stated,

“Meeting Missy and meeting Timbaland and meeting [producer] Polow da Don, it was like artist development,” she said. “In 2015, I got my first [song] placement around the time I was with Polow.”

Jozzy is presently doing very well with her songwriting talent, and her sons have been performed by Fergie, Monica, Summer Walker, Web Cash and some more.

In all of this, Lil Nas X and Billy Ray Cyrus’ breakout hit “Old Town Road Remix” in 2019 really helped her establish herself as a top songwriter.

“I was sick as a dog and I get a call from my manager like, ‘You you wanna work with Billy Ray Cyrus?’ And I was like, hell yeah,” Jozzy said, laughing. “It wasn’t even Lil Nas at the time. They didn’t even say Lil Nas. They just said Billy Ray and I was a Hannah Montana fan [the character played by his daughter, Miley Cyrus.]”

She composed the nation star’s verses for “Old Town Street Remix.”

Jozzy hopes that her success in songwriting will carry over to her singing career. Her prosperity has stemmed on the fact that, she was part of the groups nominated for two album of the year Grammys last year, one for Mary J. Blige’s “Good Morning Gorgeous (Deluxe)” and the other for Beyoncé’s “Renaissance”.

Diddy described her as one of the most talented songwriters and artists he has ever worked with” at the Billboard Music Awards last year.

“She reminds me of the R&B Biggie.”, Diddy said.

Jozzy stated that working with Diddy has greatly enriched her life.

“I’m not signed to him. We’re doing a partnership,” she said. “It’s 50/50 partnership at Love Records.”

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