The Full Story Of The Extraordinary Nana Adomako Nyamekye

Nana Adomako Nyamekye

Highlife is Ghana’s music legacy, and you can’t make reference to this extraordinary music genre without the name– Nana Adomako Nyamekye. In the 1970’s down to the 1990’s up to 2000, there were very much a storm of highlife whizzes who were all doing unquestionably well, by promoting the highlife genre to Africa and the rest of the world.

Be that as it may, Nana Adomako Nyamekye was one of a handful of the list who made an inconceivable mark – with respect to highlife music. Despite the fact that, some few people thought some of his melodies were equipped towards mourning, Adomako Nyamekye also produced wonderful life-teaching and lesson tunes that were exceptionally imperative in the existences of a large number of music fans.

His wise-truisms in every one of his tunes were the ones that got people to pay attention to his verses. The singer and songwriter is seemingly the best lyricist who released a ton of melodies that actually resound to everyone up until this day.

Listening to Adomako Nyamekye’s songs is like paying attention to an owl, which is one of the wisest creatures. His savvy compositions always makes you endlessly think deep.

Learning Arts and Literature at the National Academy Of Music helped his music career a lot, and so you could obviously see where his lovely, creative, wise-says and resounding compositions comes from. Interestingly, Nana Adomako Nyamekye comes from the linguistic family of Asante Bekwai in the Asante region of Ghana. His granddad was the spokesperson for the King at the time.

Thus, he knew how to put together words to sound exceptionally satisfying and lovely in the ears of everybody. That said, Nana Adomako Nyamekye had a lot of grooming from both his mother and granddad. According to him, hailing from Asante Bekwai, in the eastern part of Ghana, he inherited his vocal abilities from his mum who was equally a fine vocalist.

Adomako Nyamekye has always had the passion for music since his growing years, thus he joined the Kumasi police band in 1974 to learn more from them. He was with the band for quite some time (3years) before he moved to the Army band.

Honestly, Nana Adomako Nyamekye is an extraordinary vocalist, and arranger and a writer whose tunes have forever been immortal and very impacting. Interestingly, at age 25, he was composing extremely profound tunee that got many people asking him questions.

Why Ghana Needs A Hall Of Fame!

As per Adomako Nyamekye, his motivation was also taken from other Highlife Legends Nana Kwame Ampadu, Kwadwo Akwaboah and a few of them. He was always listening to their tunes to inspire himself as a performer.

As a matter of fact, Nana Kwame Ampadu acquainted him with a record label, after the latter heard him sing with the Black Bearers Band. Nana Kwame Ampadu was astounded at his sythesis and vocal capacities, therefore pushed him to go to the studio to record.

Adomako Nyamekye who was a police Lance Corpral at that time, had his first album ‘Kanea Ma Ay3’ (Tell Me What I Have Done) recorded. It had 10 mind boggling tunes on it.

‘Adwoa Pinamang’, which was his third album was recorded while in exile. As per Adomako Nyamekye, he recorded this famous song for his brother’s wife who, shockingly passed on when he was out of the country.

At that point, he was in the studio with his band ready to work, when he had a telegraph from Ghana that his brother’s significant other has passed. Out of shock, he set aside all intends to record other tunes and creatively and right away did “Adwoa Pinamang’ to pay respect to the wife and to comfort his brother.

Adomako Nyamekye’s unique highlife tunes were not only extremely famous in Ghana, but across Africa, particularly Ivory Coast and Togo, where they were everywhere.

Nana Adomako Nyamekye’s playing band has different individuals from various countries forming it. And as indicated by him, he has been with them till date, since he believes music is universal.

Melodies By Nana Adomako Nyamekye:

Yen Nyaa Wo
The Original Old Hits Of · 2010
Manyi Wo Ayea
The Original Old Hits Of · 2010
Kanea Maye
The Original Old Hits Of · 2010
Abrabo Ye Bona
The Original Old Hits Of · 2010
Baatan Pa
The Original Old Hits Of · 2010
Menewo Ni Asem
The Original Old Hits Of · 2010
The Original Old Hits Of · 2010
Dea Oni Awuo
The Original Old Hits Of · 2010
Ano Plan
The Original Old Hits Of · 2010
Obra Twa Owuo
The Original Old Hits Of · 2010
Adjoa Pinamang
Afe Bi Ye Asian
Pista 7
Waye Saa No
Oban Foro
Yaaba Yaba
Me Da Me Nyame Ase
Yaree Ne Ohia Ye Ya
Esa Do
Amansie K. Duah
Wo Tinkwa
Nyonkoo Sei
And so on.

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