The Govenment Of Japan’s New Digitization Is For Public Service

More than a month ago (September 1), Japan launched a new Digital Agency, an arm of the government that will supervise the hotly anticipated digitization of the country’s public services.

Japanese lawmaker Takuya Hirai will lead the office while Yoko Ishikura, professor emeritus at Hitotsubashi University, will also deal with the organization.

The office’s objectives will be to create a “government as an assistance” infrastructure, a cloud-based IT architecture, allowing national, regional and local governments to migrate from legacy IT systems.

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As Japan’s national service authority, the Digital Agency will have the ability to make suggestions to ministries and public associations to digitize and foster interoperable ID systems.

According to inside sources, the government of Japan often has no clue about the quality of the average citizen’s user experience. Establishing a digital agency is a necessary first step on a long journey of many steps.

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