Hamamat: The Special African Village That Prettifies The Skin!


The Hamamat African Village in Northern Ghana, Tamale is one among few unique set ups in the country. This is an average imitation of a provincial hut encompassed by African enrichments. It has numerous flavorful dishes in privately made silverware that will set you back for an extraordinary experience.

For quite a while, I considered taking a profound back rub to this manly magnificence steam shed. This town isn’t just a lodge, but a spot to make shea butter. While the laborers of the Village were effectively working on the shea butter, I pulled my hand, took the spread and applied a portion of the cream on my left hand to see how it functions.

And truly, after 35 minutes, my skin just sparkled like the sun. (not exaggerating though). I continued getting some information about the shea butter and found that, they are creams that are normally made for the skin but contains nutrients A, E and F. These nutrients helps the skin from multiple points of view and keeps it solid.

In an interaction with the proprietress of the African Village, Hamamat Montia noticed that making shea butter in this wonderful town is a convention passed on from age to age by the family. Truth be told, they inherited this business from their moms and grandmas. Obviously, there are several people in Ghana who produce shea margarine, but this one from this Village is exceptional.

The Shea butter after Completion

Hamamat’s family is profoundly associated with planting and collecting shea nut trees to support the creation and fare to different countries. So you can envision how unique and significant this town and shea spread business is to them.

I went over the packaging procedure to guarantee fulfillment, and per what I saw, it’s simple and pleasant. The Shea spread takes out untimely wrinkles and terrible facial features. It additionally alleviates the skin harsh, dry or split and make dry or harmed hair supple.

Hamamat guided me through the arrangement of the shea spread and stated:

“The first thing is to wash and dry the crude nuts. The nuts are then squashed and heated, cooled and beat once more”.

At that point, it turns into a smooth glue before blending. In the wake of gathering the fat, it is moved from the arrangement space to the bubbling mixes. After a couple of moments, the oil turns out. Following a few hours of cooling, it is in the end transformed into a certified shea butter. It is then packaged into containers onto the market.

It’s beautiful to see how the entire procedure works. Furthermore, what’s fascinating here is that, when you listen mindfully all through the procedure, you’d understand that the Shea spread has sound. Reverberation keeps on swinging. The Shea spread is accessible in two kinds: The Golden and Safari, and as the name proposes, gold is the best. This shouldn’t imply that that safaris are of low quality, but the Golden contains a ton of ingredients contrasted with Safaris.

Hamamat Montia is the owner of the African Village

In Africa, shea butter is exceptionally helpful for many individuals. Apart from the utilization for the primary reason – lighting up the skin paying little heed to skin shading, it’s also helps children to grow well, for hair development, for twisted recuperating, for cooking, for creepy crawly nibbles, flaws and wrinkles, for razor bumps, pimples and many skin ailments. Along these lines, this cream has never been looked down on this continent.

Everything that originates from making shea butter is from a tree, and this tree doesn’t begin delivering nuts until around fifteen years. It can take as long as 30 years for the principal quality gather of specific trees to be produced. Mesh the shea spread rapidly into the palm of your hand and it will get fluid.

A Look At The Most Beautiful Vicinities In Accra-Ghana

It has an odd nut fragrance, but doesn’t smell. The margarine doesn’t contain concoction aggravations to dry the skin and doesn’t stop up pores. It is reasonable for practically all skin types. Indeed, shea butter is typically utilized for its saturating impact. These advantages are identified with unsaturated fat substance, including linoleic, oleic, stearic and palmitic acids.

Hamamat Africa Village is owned by a former beauty Queen, one of Ghana’s amazing representatives, Hamamat Montia. She generally prefers to see travelers/guests at the center of her African Village. She then; extraordinarily welcomes them all consistently.

If you are searching for a characteristic and safe approach to revive and keep up your energetic appearance, then a bunch of crisp hands produced using Hamamat African Village is for you. Simply put stock in the enchantment of this extraordinary shea butter from Ghana.

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